Anonymous posts pro-Taiwan pages on UN website for Christmas

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The decentralised international hacktivist group Anonymous has hacked into a United Nations website and uploaded a series of pages to support Taiwan “once more before Christmas.”

On Thursday (December 23), Reddit user “Allez-opi_omi,” who has previously publicised Anonymous hacks of Chinese government websites, uploaded nine links the group had surreptitiously inserted into the UN Networks on Migration website. The title of the social media post was, “Thanks to Anonymous, Taiwan returns to the UN once more before Christmas! (ft. Ukraine & Namewee).”

The first link displays Taiwan’s national flag, while the second shows its national emblem. The third link launches an audio file that plays Taiwan’s national anthem.

The fourth link opens a page that features Marvel superheroes and plays the Kitty Kallen song “It’s Been a Long, Long Time.” The tune is a 1940s big band hit about a spouse welcoming home her husband from WWII and has been featured frequently in Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

In a departure from previous pro-Taiwan hacks, the group also included a link to a music video featuring Malaysian rapper Namewee and Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberley Chen singing the Mandopop song “Fragile,” which in Mandarin is titled “glass heart”. The video is full of satire directed at the Chinese Communist Party, from the extensive use of the color pink to symbolise “little pinks”, or jingoistic Chinese nationals, to a giant, clumsy panda.

The sixth link claims to contain a “small idea for a Ukrainian peace plan” which calls for a referendum on whether to follow a peace protocol or hand over the Ukrainian government to a UN peacekeeper administration. A later referendum in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions would then ask voters to choose to reunite with Ukraine, become independent, or join Russia.

The seventh and eighth links consist of HTML code displaying the group’s previous work. The last link is a previously posted manifesto by Anonymous Malaysia that accuses an “Instagram/TikTok influencer” of being a “serial rapist.”


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