Anwar decries political involvement in Tabung Haji, wants finance ministry to lead

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Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said that Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) will not be properly managed as long as there is political involvement in the pilgrimage fund’s management.

This comes after an announcement that TH will be placed under the regulation of Bank Negara to improve its overall management and operations due to its importance to the country’s financial system stability.

“If there is an issue with management, it is impossible that no one is qualified to manage it.

“But millions of people, even Muslims, will not be able to manage it well if there is involvement by politicians. The issue here is political involvement.

“Remove all politicians from TH’s management and you will save the rakyat’s money,” the Port Dickson MP said in a video today.

Anwar, who is a former finance minister, added that having a representative from the finance ministry with a strong presence on the TH board would be the most effective way to move forward.

“In my experience, TH had a good track record for decades when there was a representative from the finance ministry on the board.

“Although it was just one person, his dissenting views had an impact,” he said.

The government had initially set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) under the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950 (Act 119) to investigate issues connected to TH.

However, before the RCI has even completed its investigation, it had been announced that TH would be placed under Bank Negara.

Anwar said that Bank Negara should not be tasked to shift duties as it has many unresolved matters to consider.

“There is no need for Bank Negara to shift its duties because it has so many matters yet to be sorted.

“Even the loan moratoriums have yet to be settled with the rakyat.

“Do not burden Bank Negara with matters that will affect the people of TH,” he said.


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