Approximately 553,000 records processed through National Single Window

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Nearly 553,000 records from over 4,700 businesses have been processed through the National Single Window (NSW) so far this year.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has been coordinating with ministries and sectors to prepare for the implementation of 61 new administrative procedures on the NSW in 2019.

As of July 15, the NSW has connected 174 administrative procedures by 13 ministries and sectors, dealing with a total of over 2.3 million administrative records of roughly 31,000 businesses.

Currently, the general Department of Vietnam Customs has worked with ministries and sectors to review and finalise the construction of the system and prepare for the pilot implementation of 15 administrative procedures concerning the grant of work permits for the imports of non-business documents and printing equipment, and for business activities in the field of importing documents.

Regarding the Asean Single Window (ASW) mechanism, Vietnam has officially exchanged information on certificates of origin (C/O) with six countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Cambodia.

Vietnam has sent 155,905 C/Os to Asean countries (38,426 to Indonesia, 38,991 to Malaysia, 13,216 to Singapore, 65,227 to Thailand and 45 to Brunei), while receiving 88,422 from Asean member nations (64,747 from Indonesia, 23,009 from Malaysia, 654 from Singapore and 12 from Cambodia).

According to the general Department of Customs, the MOF is currently cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to prepare technical conditions for the exchange of Asean customs declaration information (with Indonesia and Thailand) and certificates of phytosanitary (with Indonesia).

Concerning the implementation of connection with non-Asean partners, the MOF is working with ministries and sectors to check the connection and then pilot the exchange of customs declaration information with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), as well as agreeing on technical requirements towards exchanging C/O information with the EAEU, and coordinating to test the Blockchain technology in receiving C/O information from the Republic of Korea customs agencies.

During this period, there were nearly 1.1 million customs import & export declarations nationwide, with the green flow taking up 55.46 percent, the yellow flow 39.47 percent and the red flow 5.07 percent.


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