ARKpX Sets a New Standard for Enterprise-Level Data Privacy With No Exposure to Heartbleed

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ARKpX (formerly Lockbox), the secure file-sharing platform, today announced a new standard of enterprise-level data privacy. Created by encryption experts, ARKpX delivers [email protected](R), giving users absolute control over shared files, even when they are downloaded locally to a device. As the only provider of absolute privacy and control, ARKpX is committed to enabling clients to easily and simply share encrypted files with complete confidence.

“Companies are plagued with fear about security and privacy breaches and Heartbleed is just the latest example of a vulnerability threatening our ability to maintain control of data we share,” said Natasha Mandie, chair of the board at ARKpX. “This issue is not just front page news — our clients are telling us they need a better and safer way to share data. With the launch of ARKpX and [email protected], users no longer need to forfeit privacy and user control in order to exchange information.”

ARKpX has taken a completely different approach to protecting enterprise information. By enabling end-to-end, user-controlled encryption and key management, ARKpX protects the data on the device, not just the server infrastructure. [email protected] further extends this control.

File-level encryption is like putting your data in a tamperproof package — the contents remain protected regardless of who handles it, how the package is transported or where it is stored. The data remains individually encrypted and its security is not dependent on server-side security and SSL encryption to keep data safe. Users control the encryption at all times, and no one can access your data unless a user explicitly allows it. The patented ARKpX technology means that data is protected from service providers, government and hackers. Even ARKpX cannot access user data.

Plurogen Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, works closely with doctors, nurses and over 12,000 patients in taking their unique products through clinical trials and ultimately, to market. Neal Koller, CEO of Plurogen Therapeutics, Inc., said, “In order to meet FDA approved processes and efficiently raise business funds, it is necessary for us to share extremely sensitive documents with a range of parties. With ARKpX, we can control and monitor who has access to specific documents, confident that no one can make unauthorized changes and we retain control.”

ARKpX Customers Protected Against Heartbleed

ARKpX customers and their clients can rest assured Heartbleed in no way affects the security and privacy of the platform.

Heartbleed can reveal the contents of a server’s memory, which is where the most sensitive of data is stored. When you access server memory, that memory contains your passwords, credit card numbers and other private access tools you use at that moment. An attacker can use Heartbleed to capture this sensitive data, and then decrypt communications from the past or into the future.

“Not all encryption is created equal,” said Peter Long, chief executive officer of ARKpX. “Our team of encryption experts was delivering encryption and key management well before the market became aware of just how vulnerable they are — whether to Heartbleed, NSA snooping or a vendor mistake exposing your data. Responsible data owners are demanding the ability to control their data in a simple, seamless way. We’ve answered that call with ARKpX.”

ARKpX “data-centric” design means that there is never a time when your passphrase or encrypted data relies solely on HTTPS (SSL/TLS) transport layer encryption for data security. ARKpX removes the need to implicitly trust the underlying network transport, storage and infrastructure providers (ARKpX included), effectively mitigating against vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and preventing exposure of your private information.

Heartbleed is yet another example of the huge flaw in nearly all ARKpX competitors who rely on server-side security and SSL encryption to keep data safe. Server-side security is highly problematic because it relies on defending every place where user data traverses or is stored — e.g. every server memory, every disk, every server, every link, every router, every database. Infrastructure security is no stronger than the weakest part, so it only takes one tiny mistake, vulnerability or mishandling for infrastructure security to fail.

About ARKpX
ARKpX, formerly Lockbox, was founded in 2008 and gives back privacy and control to data owners while allowing them to share outside of the enterprise. Users are no longer required to relinquish control simply to exchange or share data. Using patented, client-side, end-to-end encryption and key management, and a simple and elegant interface, ARKpX allows for streamlined data exchange on any device. Responsible data owners now have the confidence to share data knowing that they alone hold the encryption keys so no one, including ARKpX, has access to data.



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