As Donald Trump’s N Korea deal collapses, Vladimir Putin awaits: So much for peace in our time

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Trump got hosed by Kim, and Putin has been whispering in his ear. This overseas trip could make it all much worse

Today begins the latest installment of Donald Trump’s great global demolition derby as he leaves for the annual meeting of NATO allies, a meet and greet with the queen of England and a big bilateral summit in Finland with his favourite authoritarian oligarch, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Odds are that he is feeling his oats after handing the rose to his latest Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, which he sees as yet another unprecedented accomplishment due to his leadership genius. So get ready: This could be a wild ride.

Before Trump gets back on Air Force One, we should catch up on the latest news surrounding his last bit foray into international gamesmanship, the pageant in Singapore last month. I know this will come as a huge surprise to everyone, but it turns out that Kim Jong Un wasn’t actually so enthralled by the force of Donald Trump’s dazzling personality that he rushed back to Pyongyang to order the immediate dismantling of his nuclear programme. He and his government seem to have come away from the talks under the impression that the United States would make even more concessions before North Korea needed to think about doing anything at all. Frankly, since Trump chatted alone with Kim for some time and the agreement they ended up signing was so vague, that may very well be what was agreed between them.

Bloomberg published a fascinating inside look at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s disastrous follow-up trip to Pyongyang last week. The North Koreans really ran him through his paces and in the end contradicted his happy talk about “progress” by complaining that the US was acting “gangster-like” with its demands that they denuclearise. It’s pretty clear they would prefer to deal directly with the president, for obvious reasons.

(The Independent)

(The Independent)

Trump, who had grandly proclaimed after the summit that we could all sleep easily because North Korea was “no longer a nuclear threat,” responded to the Pompeo debacle with a lame tweet that practically begged his pal Kim to stop making him look bad and suggested that China was pulling the strings.



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