Assessments of import-export firms to be transparent

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The general Department of Vietnam Customs is inviting comments on the set of criteria for ensuring the compliance and assessment of legal compliance by businesses involved in import and export activities, before officially issuing them.

In the past, import and export companies would on their own declare goods for the red, green or yellow channels, which have different rates for goods clearance and different levels of strictness for goods control. The classification of goods depends on the department of customs’ assessments of the company’s business profile and import-export history. These assessments are not publicised and can be subjective.

Businesses do not know the specific reasons for being directed to a certain channel, and this method of classification has triggered the payment of bribes to customs officers so that businesses can have their goods cleared quickly through the desired channel.

However, to make the control of import-export activities transparent, the customs body has issued risk management criteria. With this, the customs authority will evaluate businesses to classify them by collecting, analysing and verifying data on their business activities and legal compliance.

The customs body plans to rate the levels of legal compliance on a four-point scale, with 1 signifying high compliance; 2, medium; 3, low; and 4, no compliance. These levels are associated with specific criteria in terms of legal violations, tax evasion, administrative fines, and so on.

Although the customs body will collect information for verification and supervision purposes, businesses are encouraged to make self-assessment based on the given criteria. Highly rated businesses will get benefits, such as faster goods clearance.

Notably, businesses can find out their evaluated degree of legal compliance and request the customs to clarify its assessments.

Deputy head of the general Department of Vietnam Customs Hoang Viet Cuong told the workshop discussing the set of criteria on December 4 that the tool would help eliminate subjective judgments as everything will be assessed with clear criteria.


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