AXA launches new “MultiPro Critical Illness Protection” series

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Enabling multiple claims benefit for common critical illnesses to enhance existing protection at an affordable cost

HONG KONG, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer, heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases are three of the most common fatal diseases in Hong Kong[1]. With advancements in medical technology, the mortality of these critical illnesses has reduced, but it is still difficult to avoid the recurrence of these diseases. Taking colorectal cancer[2], the most common cancer as an example, 50% of the patients would have a chance of cancer recurrence after surgeries. For heart attack patients, 20% of the patients who have had a heart attack will likely be readmitted to the hospital for a second time within 5 years, while about 40% of the people who survived a first stroke will likely have a second stroke within 5 years[3]. Therefore, having a comprehensive critical illness protection plan in place with a multiple claims facility is of utmost importance. Considering the situation, AXA Hong Kong launches the new "MultiPro Critical Illness Protection" series ("MultiPro" series) providing customers with an affordable extension to upgrade their current protection with multiple claims benefit to fill the protection gap.

AXA Hong Kong launches the “MultiPro Critical Illness Protection” series to help customers fill the protection gap at an affordable cost.
AXA Hong Kong launches the “MultiPro Critical Illness Protection” series to help customers fill the protection gap at an affordable cost.

The "MultiPro Critical Illness Protection" series covers "MultiPro Critical Illness Plan ("MultiPro") and MultiPro Plus Critical Illness Plan ("MultiPro Plus"). On top of cancer, to give extra peace of mind, "MultiPro Plus" offers extra protection against heart attack and stroke – another two common fatal diseases. Customers can choose "MultiPro" or "MultiPro Plus" based on their needs.

Mr Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Market Development Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, "Most of the critical illness insurance plans developed in the early days only provide a one-off major illness claim, and the plan will be terminated thereafter without the continuous support should cancer recur. Even though some plans provide multiple claims benefit, their protection is still not as comprehensive as the current ones. According to internal data[4], over 60% of critical illness insurance customers aged 30 above are found to have insufficient protection or no multiple claims benefit. We launched "MultiPro" and "MultiPro Plus" to help customers upgrade their current protection by providing multiple claims on those common critical illnesses, on top of the plans they are holding."

"No matter what critical illness plans the customer holds currently, either from AXA or other insurers, they can apply for these two new products which are at very affordable prices, and the premium level for "MultiPro" and "MultiPro Plus" stays the same throughout the whole premium payment term.  In another words, the premium will not increase subsequently based on the insured's attained age," added Mr Chor.

Continuous cancer protection helps patients to recover, free from financial worry

"MultiPro" and "MultiPro Plus" provide comprehensive cancer protection for customers. If the insured is first diagnosed with cancer, the plans will refund 100% of the total premiums paid[5],[6] and all future premiums will be waived. If the cancer comes back after 1.5 years, the insured can choose to receive the Continuous Cancer Payout Benefit[6] which pays 5% of the sum insured[7] each month up to 4 years, or a lump sum payment[6] which equals to 100% of the sum insured[7].

"MultiPro Plus" offers extra protection against heart attack and stroke

As heart disease and stroke are another two common fatal diseases, "MultiPro Plus" deliberately allows multiple claims for these diseases. The insured can make one extra claim for each of these two critical illnesses, and each claim[6] equals to 100% of the sum insured[7] to give extra peace of mind.

Get back all premiums paid with No Claim Benefit 

AXA Hong Kong encourages customers to maintain good health. If no benefit has been paid or becomes payable upon the policy maturity, the insured will be awarded a No Claim Benefit[6] which is equal to 100% of total premiums paid[5] in recognition of the insured's commitment to maintaining optimum health.

Being best protected while staying fit

Customers who are insured by "MultiPro" or "MultiPro Plus" can enjoy the wellness services provided by "AXA BetterMe" – a holistic and unique wellness platform.  As demonstrated by AXA's brand ambassador Ms Sammi Cheng, "AXA BetterMe" helps to elevate the overall physical and mental health of our customers to attain an all-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Limited-time campaign offers[8]

AXA Hong Kong is offering a range of limited time offers to encourage Hong Kongers to take action to fill their protection gaps:

(1) First 10 Years Support Benefit

From now until 27 September 2020, customers who successfully apply for "MultiPro" or "MultiPro Plus" will be entitled to the added "First 10 Years Support Benefit" where if the insured is first diagnosed as suffering from Stage III or IV Breast Cancer (female) or Prostate Cancer (male) during the first 10 policy years, in addition to the relevant refund of premium benefit[6], they will receive an extra benefit equivalent to 30% of the basic sum insured.

(2) 2 months' premium discount

From now until 27 September 2020, customers may enjoy 2 months' premium discount if they successfully apply for the "MultiPro" series together with AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance plan.  This discount will also apply to customers who successfully apply for the "MultiPro" series and already have AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan.

(3) Simplified Underwriting Campaign (waive of body checks)[9]

From now until 31 October 2020, designated customers can apply for "MultiPro" or "MultiPro Plus" with simplified underwriting. In addition to waiving of the body check process, the customer can also choose to conveniently apply through the non-face-to-face method.

To learn more about "MultiPro Plus" or "MultiPro", and the "First 10 Years Support Benefit", as well as promotional video, please visit: / 

The above information is for reference only. For details on product features, content, terms and exclusions, please refer to the relevant product brochure.

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[4] AXA's internal data, as of Jun 2020

[5] For the calculation and definition of the 'total premiums paid', please refer to the relevant product brochure.

[6] Any outstanding premiums will be deducted from the relevant benefit(s) when payable.

[7] Sum insured refers to the sum insured of basic plan.

[8] For details and Terms & Conditions of the campaign offers, please refer to the relevant promotion leaflets.

[9] Terms and conditions for MultiPro Critical Illness Protection Series Simplified Underwriting Campaign apply. Relevant application is subject to final approval of AXA. If the policy is not eligible for the campaign, normal underwriting procedure shall prevail.





AXA Hong Kong and Macau, a member of the AXA Group, prides itself on serving over 1.5 million customers [1] with our superior products and services. AXA is the top-tier life insurer in Hong Kong with the longest history[2] and is ranked No. 2 in insurance - life, health (stock) category worldwide[3]. In addition to being the No. 1 global Property & Casualty commercial lines insurer[4], we are the No. 1 most considered insurance brand in Hong Kong[5]. We are also one of the largest health protection providers in Hong Kong and Macau.


AXA is one of the most diversified insurers, providing a full range of coverage for individual and commercial customers. We offer all-round, integrated solutions across Life, Health and Property & Casualty to address all of our customers' insurance needs.

As an innovative insurer, we leverage Big Data and AI to transform the customer experience end-to-end, making insurance simpler and more personal. We continue to drive innovation notably in health and protection, supporting customers in prevention, treatment and recovery.


We also believe it is our inherent responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. AXA Foundation is our flagship corporate social responsibility programme covering all our efforts in promoting holistic wellbeing and supporting the underprivileged to create a positive and lasting impact in the communities of Hong Kong and Macau.


[1] Including customers of AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited, AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability), and AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

[2] Top tier insurers are defined based on the annualised premiums of Individual Direct New Business (Classes A to F) of Statistics on Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business published by the Insurance Authority

[3] 2020 Fortune Global 500

[4] AXA Corporate Solutions, AXA Matrix Risk Consultants, AXA Insurance Company, and AXA Art with AXA XL's insurance and reinsurance operations combined 

[5] AXA Hong Kong Brand Preference Tracking Report 2019




Certain statements contained herein may be forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, statements that are predictions of or indicate future events, trends, plans or objectives. Undue reliance should not be placed on such statements because, by their nature, they are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties and can be affected by other factors that could cause AXA's actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Please refer to Part 4 - "Risk factors and risk management" of AXA's Universal Registration Document for the year ended December 31, 2019, for a description of certain important factors, risks and uncertainties that may affect AXA's business, and/or results of operations. AXA undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of these forward-looking statements, whether to reflect new information, future events or circumstances or otherwise, except as part of applicable regulatory or legal obligations.    

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