Banks absorb deposits not only by interest rates

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If what depositors cared about previously was interest rates, these days, commercial banks have many other ways to attract the idle money from the population.

Considered the lifeline of the economy, banks are well promoting their financial intermediary role, effectively attracting idle money from the population to invest and lend, meeting timely capital demand of all components in society, from individuals to businesses, contributing to the overall development of the economy. In addition, to increase competitiveness in the industry and to compete with other investment channels, banks are not only focusing on interest rates.

Compared to the time of Tet holiday, the middle of the year is the time when families spend less and have more free cash resources, so they will deposit in short-term to earn profit. This is also the reason banks try to carry out promotions with many forms from gifts to lucky numbers to attract cash flow.

It can be said that the promotion programmes implemented by banks have contributed to warming up the mobilisation market, giving customers more choices as well as more value-added benefits. In fact, the promotion of the banks is used regularly but still effective, creating good effects and attracting more customers to participate in because this is an immediately beneficial activity for both banks and customers.

Not only increasing the interest rate with instant gifts such as travel bags, leather wallets, thermos, and useful household appliances, many banks also strongly spend big money on lucky draw prizes at the end of the programme. For example, the summer promotion programme entitled “Smart money deposit car receipt” by a commercial bank was actively deployed. This bank spent nearly two billion dong on practical gifts for customers such as raincoats, helmets, nice digital payment accounts and lottery opportunities for valuable Honda cars and motorcycles. The programme lasted for three months of summer until August 30, 2019, which has created the interest of many customers.

Diverse 4.0-time deposit options

Saving deposits have always been evaluated as an investment channel that brings high benefits and safety to people who have idle money. In addition to the group of customers who deposit money for profit, currently, deposit service is considered as a form of financial mastery of many young people with the desire to accumulate for long-term plans. A savings account is a guarantee when life has an event or need arises, giving you a sense of peace of mind and a more relaxed life.

Not only that, with the benefits of the new technology era, you can experience very convenient savings products, allowing to accumulate the smallest amount of idle money. With SMS Banking and Online Banking applications, the management and search of deposits will be easier than ever, the term of deposit and the method of calculating interest rates are flexible, to meet the diverse needs of all individual customers.

Thus, by offering many value benefits seen immediately through the promotion programme, combined with the constant creative construction of modern products and services utilities, banks are still attractive channel and trusted to select and promote the role of regulating the circulation of capital, reproduction, trade growth in all industries of society.


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