Banks in dire need of personnel

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Under the recent survey results released by the State Bank’s Forecasting and Statistics Department, 46 percent of credit organisations (CIs) said they recruited more employees in Q2/2018 while 30 percent said they were lacking necessary employees for current work demand.

62 percent of CIs planned to continue recruiting more labourers in Q3/2018. It is expected that by the end of 2018, 70 percent of CIs would raise the number of labourers; 23 percent of them would “maintain” the same and seven percent said they would cut down the labour force.

The majority of banks expected good business results in the near future, 76.1 percent of CIs expected that the business situation would “improve” in Q3/2018 and 82.6 percent of CIs expected that business situation would improve in the entire year 2018 compared to 2017, of which, 20.7-32.6 percent of CIs expected “much improvement”

88 percent of CIs expected the pre-tax profit in 2018 to achieve positive growth compared to 2017 with the pre-tax profit of the entire system to grow at an average of 19.05 percent in 2018, higher than the expectation of 18.2 percent recorded at the survey in Q1/2018 but lower than the expectation of 19.33 percent recorded at the survey in Q4/2017.

Assessing business environment, credit organisations said in Q2/2018, internal factors continued to improve better but external business environment factors did not have significant improvement from the previous quarter.

Among subjective factors, the “demand of the economy for products and services of CIs” and “business conditions and finance of customers” were assessed to improve better than other ones. Among subjective factors, the factor that was considered to improve the best was “Policy and customer care service of CIs” (with balance index at 51.6 percent).

Besides, customers’ demand for finance and banking products and services continued to happen actively during Q2/2018, of which, the demand for borrowing capital was considered to be the highest (51.1 percent of credit organisations chose “high level”), followed by deposit demand (36.9 percent of CIs chose “high level”), and payment demand and card (35.4 percent CIs chose “high level”). Most of these CIs expected this demand would continue increasing in the following quarter and the entire year 2018).


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