Banks launch ‘combo’ products to facilitate customers

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The economy is growing, which increases the demand for spending, procurement of goods and services. Therefore, cashless trend for modern consumption, online shopping, and e-commerce also develops.

Accordingly, the demand for banking services also accelerates, especially among young people and officers, intellectuals and office workers.

Grabbing this opportunity, banks are investing strongly in retail services, bringing more and more convenient products and services to individual customers, from credit or debit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking to preferential loan packages, unsecured loans based on customers’ needs.

However, trying to satisfied specific needs of each customer will not be effective and beneficial for both customers and banks. It will be expensive for the banks to operate, while customers may have to use many services in different banks, which are costly, time-consuming and unsafe.

To solve this problem, some dynamic banks have categorised individual customers into groups, and then offered the “combo packages” of services. Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) is a typical example.

VPBank representative said that grasping consumer demand, instead of offering a single product and service, VPBank had pioneered to bring service product packages suitable for each customer. In just a few months from the end of 2018 until now, VPBank had continuously launched many product packages such as Superior Kids, Delux Savings, Beauty Up, etc. towards many different customer classes such as investors, families with children and individuals looking for beauty improvement.

Creating “combo packages” is relatively new in the financial sector, but very familiar in the service industry. The most obvious example is when going to the cinema, instead of purchasing separately movie tickets, popcorns and drinks; customers will be provided with various combo packages. Thereby, they can enjoy the most satisfactory service at a more reasonable price than buying individual products.

Similarly, the goal of product packages at VPBank is to help maximise customers’ benefits when spending through banks, they not only use the most convenient banking services, but also receive a series of attractive deals.

Most recently, VPBank launched VPPower product package. This is VPBank’s next product package in the bank’s strong “Get HealthyGet Wealthy” campaign.

As one of the “combo packages”, when registering VPPower, customers will be supported to open all three products simultaneously including Payment AccountCredit CardVPBank Online or Payment AccountDebit CardVPBank Online. For those who already have credit card at the bank wish to join VPPower package, VPBank will support them to register for additional payment accounts and VPBank Online.

Launching VPPower, VPBank aims to offer its customers a useful and convenient banking service experience when they cannot only own Credit or Debit Cards for shopping and other needs but also easily manage their transactions (such as transfer of bill payment, online savings, etc.) at anytime, anywhere with payment account and VPBank Online.

Especially, with this package, customers will receive great deals. Specifically, in addition to giving bonus points to debit or credit cards and refunding, plus air miles for credit cards according to the usual features, customers will be entitled to additional refunds at a rate of 0, 2 percent to 3.4 percent depending on spending value and the line of cards in use. In addition, VPBank Online payment account and service in VPPower package will also be entitled to free service charges such as ATM withdrawal fee, SMS banking fee, transfer fee, bill payment and recharge phone.

Hoang Anh (Cau Giay, Hanoi)specialising in online business, said that she had used VPBank’s credit card for a long time to order from abroad and purchase daily goods. Every month she was still reimbursed by the bank, sometimes up to 500,000 dong if spending a lot. From the date of registration to VPPower package, she not only got more money back, but transactions such as bank transfer, withdrawal, bill payment via VPBank’s internet banking were also free, helping her save large amounts of monthly expenses. “With the launch of VPPower product package, VPBank expects to stimulate card spending needs, change consumers’ consumption habits, and contribute to boosting non-cash payment according to the policy of the government and the State Bank of Vietnam”, the bank’s representative shared.


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