Blogger recounts ‘horrible service’ on 16-hour Singapore Airlines flight with unpleasant flight attendant

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Singapore’s national carrier Singapore Airlines is advertised as “a great way to fly” but it was not the case for a blogger who had to deal with what he claims was a disgruntled flight attendant on a 16-hour flight in business class from Singapore to Los Angeles.

The article was reposted on the SGTalk forum website on Sunday and has received more than 16,000 views as of press time.

Although the blogger, Matthew Klint, wrote on his blog Live and Let Fly that the flight was way back in 2013, he wanted to highlight how “even the world’s most beloved airline has a bad day”, he said in his blog.

He quoted the almighty Sir Isaac Newton when trying to describe his 16.5-hour nonstop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles on business class, because as a blogger, you always need some sort of higher-order analogy to elevate your writing.

“An object at rest remains at rest, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and service on Singapore Airlines is always amazing. Weren’t these the three laws of Newton?” Klint mused.

The third law’s slight abberation notwithstanding, Klint, a travel consultant, recounted encountering a “downright hostile” flight attendant on his flight who he names as Vivian.

According to Klint, Vivian kept rolling her eyes and sighing loudly as she laid out the various items for his first meal service, even reportedly slamming the Singapore Sling, everyone’s favourite cocktail that tastes slightly like medicine, on his fold-out drink tray.

“Forget addressing me by name, she could not even be bothered to grunt more than a few syllables at a time,” Klint adds.

Having guessed that Vivian was probably having a bad day due to her scowl “like a bad Botox injection”, Klint gave it a rest but faced the same issue with Vivian on his second meal service.

The rest of the blog entry sounds like an esoteric take of a blogger that has way too much money on his hands where Klint proceeds to critique the seats on business class for being too firm.

It should be noted though that the flight was on a retired A340-500 livery in a 1-2-1 business class seat configuration.

Klint has since written to Singapore Airlines but has never received a reply since the incident occured.

“While I do hold Singapore Airlines to a higher standard, I would have been just as appalled had this happened on a US carrier,” said Klint. “I simply could not believe how hostile she was.”

He said he would never go out of his way to fly on Singapore Airlines ever again.

In response to the blogger, some commenters accused him of trying to play emperor, with SGTalk forum user rat28 accusing Klint of wanting the flight attendant to “kneel down” before him.

Another forum user Bacon Emperor said that Klint was trying to act “superior” on the flight.

As it stands, Singapore Airlines was ranked the world’s best airline this year according to the Skytrax World Airline Awards, so our national carrier still has some standards.

Let us hope this is just an isolated incident.


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