BNPB bolsters tsunami mitigation capacity through Sapa Destana

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The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), in a press statement here, Monday, confirmed that its disaster resilient programme called Sapa Destana will be implemented to strengthen tsunami mitigation capacity in the south of Java.

BNPB’s Readiness directorate will mobilise the pentahelix elements comprising the government, entrepreneurs, academicians, media, and community to improve readiness for disaster scenarios through Sapa Destana.

Sapa Destana is a form of effort to remind the pentahelix elements of the tsunami mitigation knowledge about Disaster Resilient Village (Destana).

The effort to remind the elements is being made, so that Destana’s pentahelix elements could access information and respond effectively to them, take requisite precautionary measures against likely disasters, and have the protective strength by gaining knowledge about the evacuation method.

It would also allow them to adapt to the disaster potential, be flexible, and immediately recover, as well as be able to lead a normal life after the disaster.

Sapa Destana also aims to ensure sustainability of the readiness efforts since the expedition was conducted in Java’s south region.

The effort to strengthen mitigation through Sapa Destana involved the planting of two thousand mangrove seeds on November 28 in Kembang Village, Pacitan, East Java.

Official from East Java’s Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency, Budi Sentosa, noted that the region had faced several natural disasters, including tsunamis.

“Hence, residents living in the shoreline area should be ready to face a likely tsunami,” he noted while delivering a message from East Java’s Governor, Khofifah Indah Parawansa.

“Residents are expected to know about the signs of tsunami, how to evacuate, as well as directly involve themselves to reduce the impact of tsunami,” he added.

BNPB’s Primary Secretary, Lilik Kurniawan, highlighted three methods to mitigate disasters: keep people away from disaster, keep disaster away from people, and live alongside disaster.

In order to handle the threat of tsunami in the south of Java, people-based mitigation efforts should be conducted sustainably, Kurniawan emphasized.


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