Booster vaccine crucial for prevention against new COVID-19 variant

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Dr Rendra Bramanthi of the dr Iskak Regional general Hospital (RSUD) in Tulungagung highlighted the need for booster vaccinations to reduce morbidity among members of the community and to safeguard against the emergence of new variants and mutations of corona virus.

“In the wake of the virus (COVID-19) continuing to mutate, this booster vaccination becomes mandatory to strengthen the immune system and is expected to be able to reduce the morbidity rate in the community,” the medical microbiologist and person-in-charge at the Clinical Microbiology Installation said here on Friday.,

He even stated that booster vaccinations were as important as the first and second doses of primary vaccination.

“This booster serves to strengthen our immune system, so that we are able and better prepared to fight the virus,” he explained.

The doctor stated that it was normal to experience side effects, such as pain at the injection area, fever, and nausea, after receiving the booster vaccine.

However, this condition is classified as a mild and normal Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI/KIPI). These side effects are a form of natural reaction by the body to the entry of foreign substances.

“AEFI is a very normal condition because it is a natural response of the body. As long as it does not interfere with activities, this condition is classified as mild AEFI,” he stated.

Hence, the doctor has advised the public to get sufficient rest and consume nutritious food and vitamins before taking the booster vaccine.

Some of these steps should be taken to help the body become fitter and more prepared while receiving vaccine injections, thereby minimising the occurrence of more severe side effects.


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