BP2MI foils attempt to smuggle 21 Indonesian illegal migrant workers

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The Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) thwarted an attempt to smuggle 21 Indonesian migrant workers ready to depart for several countries in the Middle East on Sunday night.

“Today, we have thwarted the placement of 21 illegal Indonesian immigrant workers,” head of BP2MI Benny Rhamdani remarked while visiting the victims at the Work Training centre in the Batu Ampar Village, Kramat Jati Sub-district, East Jakarta City.

The agency head informed that the victims were women from several West Java areas that had been deceived by the illegal labour agent.

The BP2MI found the victim at the Sahabat Building Training Centre, East Jakarta, whose banner was installed at the building of PT Putra Timur Mandiri.

According to Rhamdani, preparations were being made for their departure to several countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia.

The perpetrators lured the victims by promising them a monthly salary of Rp4 million in the destination country.

“Moreover, the modus operandi was to give Rp4 million to Rp5 million first per immigrant that will be entrusted to their families in the village. In fact, the money would be deducted from their salary every month,” the BP2MI head noted.

Moreover, he informed that the illegal labour agent had used middlemen for the interaction between the agency and the victim.

Furthermore, he revealed that all victims had no health ailments, albeit were psychologically disturbed and startled after the officer told them about the agency they were involved with was illegal.

“This is our second attempt to thwart the departure of illegal workers. Last week, we had also tried to hinder it at the airport. However, the information was leaked. Tonight, the perpetrators returned to Jakarta to dispatch other workers again, but we managed to take precautionary measures,” he stated.

According to the victim’s confession, they were forced to become migrant workers since they had to meet their families’ needs in their villages.

“Actually, with the salary of Rp4 million to Rp5 million, the requirements can be fulfilled in Indonesia,” he added.

Now, the case has been delegated to the legal authority for settlement.



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