Business Briefs 10 July 2018

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* Everland Investment Company (EVG) will pay a dividend ofVND500 per share for 2017 on the record date of Iuly s. The fir-m currently has 30 million outstanding shares. It will make the payment on July 30. Besides this, the firm will issue an estimated 10 million shares on July 9 at a I-for-t ratio at the selling price ofVNDlO,OOO per share. It will sell the shares between July 17 and August 2.

* Viet Capital Securities Company (VCI) will issue 80,000 bonds with a face value of VND 1 0 million and a tenor of 24 months. The issuance will be conducted in several stages in fiscal year 2018, VCI will offer the bonds to less than 100 investors via a private placement. Bondholders have the right to ask VCI to buy back the papers after seven days from the issuance date.

* Doan Toi, chairman and general di~ector of Nam Viet Company (ANY), has registered to buy two million ANY shares between now and August 8. Toi holds 56.9 million shares of the seafood enterprise, equivalent to a 45,51 % stake,

* Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical Company (MKP) has announced plans to issue more than 3,8 million shares for existing shareholders at a ratio of2-for-l0 within this year. It will sell the shares at no lower than VND40,OOO per share, raising some VND 153 billion to invest in new factories and property projects in HCMe. It will issue an additional 950,000 shares for key staff with a selling price of at leastVND20,OOO per share.

* Electrical Equipment Company has acquired nearly 1.8 million shares of Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Company (TBD) to raise its ownership from 18,6% to 24,9%. The investor is expected to spend VND 138 billion on the purchase, given TBD’s share price of some VND78,OOO per share.

* Sai Gon Song Tien Beer and Trading Company (SST) has chosen July 19 as the record date for shareholders to receive in cash a second round dividend for 2017 at VND13,900 per share, SST will make the payment on August 3, In March, the enterprise had offered a first round cash dividend for 2017 at 100%.


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