Business Briefs 13 Sep 2018

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* Hoang Quan Consulting-Trading-Service Real Estate Corporation (HQC) has decided to issue Maximum VND300 billion worth of three-year bonds to invest in budget home projects and establish an affiliate operating in the agriculture sector. The firm will sell 300,000 unconvertible secured bonds to finance low cost housing projects in Tra Vinh Province. Besides, it will establish Hoang Quan Agriculture Company with a chartered capital ofVND500 billion.

* Thien Nam Trading Import Export Corporation (TNA) plans to sell over 17.5 million shares to existing shareholders and key staff, thereby raising its chartered capital from VND 122 billion to over VND297 billion. The firm will issue 17.08 million shares for existing shareholders at a 100-for-139 ratio and 512,000 shares under an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). The ESOP shares will be banned from trading within one year from the issuance date.

* Doan Toi, chairman and general director of Nam Viet Company (ANY), has acquired three million shares of ANY to raise his ownership from 47.1% to 49.5%.

* Saigon Fishing et Company (SF ) has chosen September 17 as the exdividend date to pay cash dividends for its shareholders at 7%, or VND700 per share. Of which, the 2017 third round dividend will be 1 %•and the 2018 first round dividend will be 6%. The payment will be made on October 4.

* VNDirect Securities Company has sold 1.8 million shares of Postal Insurance Corporation (PTI) to reduce its stake to 16.4%, equal to over 13.2 million shares. Having surged to over VND24,OOO per share at the beginning of Iuly, PTI share price has dropped to around VND18,600 a share currently.

* Melin Steel Company (MEL) will pay a 2017 dividend for its shareholders in cash at 10%, or VND1,000 per share. The payment will be made on October 5.

* Quynh Phuc Trade and Production Company has offloaded over 3.5 million shares of Thu Dau Mot Water Supply Company (TDM) to reduce its owner hip from 19.2% to 14.8%. Earlier, the investor re istered to ell four million TDM shares but it failed to offload the entire volume due to unfavorable market price. TDM. share price is hovering at around VND18,200 each.


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