Call for donations as Singapore’s supply in all blood groups runs low

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If you are aged between 16 and 60, with group O, A or B blood, weighing at least 45kg and in good health, authorities are asking you to do your part to boost Singapore’s blood supply.

In a joint statement on Wednesday (11 December), the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) urged members of the public to donate blood over the next three weeks.

“The national blood stock levels for all blood groups are currently low. To raise the blood stocks to healthy levels again, we need 1,500 group O donors, 750 group A donors and 750 group B donors to donate blood,” said a spokesperson.

This will ensure that there is enough blood to support patients’ transfusion needs and medical emergencies in Singapore.

In particular, the national blood stock level for group O blood products is only half of what is needed.

Being the universal blood group, group O blood is required during emergencies when patients’ blood groups are unknown. In addition, nearly half of the patients in Singapore have group O blood and can only receive similar blood.

Those interested may visit any of the four blood banks [email protected] (Outram), [email protected] Ghaut, [email protected] and [email protected] Tower.

Donors are advised to eat a light meal and drink plenty of fluids before donating blood. They should also have adequate rest the night before the donation and on the actual day itself. They must also bring their NRIC (for Singaporeans), or passport (for non-Singaporeans).

More information on an individual’s eligibility for blood donation is available here.


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