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Duterte won’t allow massive reclamation of private sectors in Manila Bay

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | UNTV | 6:02 AM

President Rodrigo Duterte said he will not allow any private sector’s massive reclamation of Manila Bay. During his speech in the inauguration of the Sangley Airport on [...]
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Death squad disrupters: Filipina patrols help keep drug killings at bay

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Late each night, a dozen women chat and share a meal before hitting the narrow streets of a Manila suburb where a death squad once roamed. They are the “women’s [...]
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The politics of racism as the Philippines struggles with coronavirus

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Lowyinstitute | 6:02 AM

Rodrigo Duterte and his backers appears to be exploiting the public health crisis to wedge opponents at home. It would almost seem nothing could further divide politics and [...]
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Philippines considers lifting Macau and Hong Kong ban

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | CNN | 7:22 AM

The Philippine government is ‘looking into’ removing the travel restrictions imposed on visitors from China’s special administrative regions as protective measure amid [...]
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Philippines resumes full labor deployment to Kuwait

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | ArabNews | 7:21 AM

Filipino household service workers (HSW) may now proceed to work in Kuwait after the Philippine government announced on Friday the total lifting of the ban on the deployment [...]
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No handshakes: Viral outbreak spooks Asian places of worship

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | AP | 7:21 AM

In a popular Catholic church in the Philippines, nearly half of the pews were empty for Sunday Mass. The few hundred worshippers who showed up were asked to refrain from [...]
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A major US ally in the Pacific wants to scrap an important military deal with the US, and that may give China an edge

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Business Insider | 7:20 AM

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte followed through on numerous threats to end his country’s Visiting Forces Agreement with the US on Tuesday, notifying Washington of [...]
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Duterte Terminates U.S. Defense Pact, Pleasing Trump but Few Others

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Foreignpolicy | 7:19 AM

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte decided on Tuesday to end a long-standing defense agreement with the United States, signaling a major break in a U.S.-Philippines [...]
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News Analysis: Philippines’ move to end military pact deals severe blow to Washington

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:02 AM

The Philippines’ recent decision to terminate a military pact with the United States could be a severe blow to Washington’s alliance relationship in Asia, said [...]
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Philippines upbeat about China’s economic recovery from novel coronavirus epidemic

17-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:02 AM

The Philippine government expresses confidence in China’s economic recovery from the novel #coronavirus epidemic. #StayStrongChina [...]
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Duterte administration hints at US: All treaties must go

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 6:02 AM

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will not entertain any initiatives of US President Donald Trump to save a two-decade-old military agreement between the two countries, [...]
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Philippines to conduct risk assessment on travel ban to Taiwan

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | FocusTaiwan | 6:02 AM

The government of the Philippines will conduct a risk assessment to decide whether a temporary travel ban to Taiwan will be lifted amid possible retaliatory measures by [...]
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Philippines truck mows down group of students, killing 1, injuring several others, video shows

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Foxnews | 6:02 AM

A 14-year-old student in the Philippines was killed and seven of his classmates injured when a speeding jeepney plowed through a city crosswalk Wednesday night, authorities [...]
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Philippines lifts ban on sending labour to Kuwait

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Middleeast Monitor | 6:02 AM

The Philippines yesterday announced a “total lift” to a ban on sending local household workers to Kuwait. Philippine labour minister, Silvestre Bello III, told [...]
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Philippines considers Singapore travel ban over COVID-19

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Philstar | 6:02 AM

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III on Friday said that authorities are weighing if the 2019 coronavirus or COVID-19 warrants a travel ban on Singapore. “‘Yung [...]
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