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Faced with climate challenges, Vietnamese rice farmers switch to shrimp

06-May-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 11:28 AM

For years, Ta Thi Thanh Thuy toiled on a sliver of land sandwiched between the Mekong River and the South China Sea, a region widely known as Vietnam’s rice bowl, to [...] » More

EU regulator begins real-time review of first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

05-May-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 9:00 AM

Europe‘s medicines regulator said on Tuesday it has started a real-time review of Sinovac’s (SVA.O) COVID-19 vaccine, based on preliminary results from animal and [...] » More

CO2 emissions set to surge, IEA warns

21-Apr-2021 Intellasia | BangkokPost | 5:02 AM

Climate-changing CO2 emissions are set to surge by the second-biggest amount in history this year as the global economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the IEA warned [...] » More

Biden’s climate duo of Kerry and McCarthy puts US back in global warming fight

17-Apr-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

An unlikely duo is steering President Joe Biden’s efforts to restore US credibility on fighting climate change: a patrician former presidential candidate and a [...] » More

UN warns that impact of Caribbean volcano could affect other islands

15-Apr-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 12:06 PM

The humanitarian and economic crisis unleashed by the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent will last months and could extend to [...] » More

Stalled at first jab: Vaccine shortages hit poor countries

12-Apr-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

As many as 60 countries, including some of the world’s poorest, might be stalled at the first shots of their coronavirus vaccinations because nearly all deliveries [...] » More

Countries worldwide hit new records for virus cases, deaths

10-Apr-2021 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 5:02 AM

Nations around the world set new records Thursday (April 8) for COVID-19 deaths and new coronavirus infections, and the disease surged even in some countries that have kept [...] » More

‘Being Asian here is terrifying’: Korean gamer describes racism in US

10-Apr-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

A South Korean professional video gamer has described the “unspeakable” racism he has suffered while based in Texas in a clip that has gone viral on social media, [...] » More

EU drug regulator says up to countries to decide how to handle AstraZeneca

09-Apr-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

European countries should make their own decisions about how to handle the risk of rare blood clots from AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, based on prevailing infection [...] » More

Italy, Britain suggest age limits for AstraZeneca vaccine but still recommend it

09-Apr-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

Italy recommended on Wednesday that AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 shot only be used on those over 60 and Britain that people under 30 should get an alternative, due to [...] » More

Trump’s top diplomat calls WHO Covid report ‘a sham’

31-Mar-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 12:50 PM

Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a strident critic of China, on Tuesday alleged that an international report into Covid’s origins was a cover-up backed by [...] » More

Data withheld from WHO team probing COVID-19 origins in China-Tedros

Data withheld from WHO team probing COVID-19 origins in China-Tedros

31-Mar-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 12:43 PM

Data was withheld from World Health Organization investigators who travelled to China to research the origins of the coronavirus epidemic, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom [...] » More

U.S., 13 countries concerned WHO COVID-19 origin study was delayed, lacked access-statement

U.S., 13 countries concerned WHO COVID-19 origin study was delayed, lacked access-statement

31-Mar-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:44 AM

The United States and 13 other countries expressed concerns on Tuesday that the World Health Organization (WHO) report on the origins of the novel coronavirus that causes [...] » More

Pandemic treaty could be advanced by May WHO assembly-WHO’s Tedros

31-Mar-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

A proposed international treaty on pandemics could be advanced at the World Health Organization’s annual ministerial assembly in May, WHO director-general Tedros [...] » More

The Wuhan lab at the heart of the ‘extremely unlikely’ leak theory

30-Mar-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

A team commissioned by the World Health Organization to investigate the source of the coronavirus in Wuhan in January concluded that it was “extremely unlikely” [...] » More