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Coronavirus outbreaks, poor vaccine access, weak policy pushes IMF to downgrade global economic outlook

16-Oct-2021 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 5:02 AM

“Faultlines” in global economies caused by the coronavirus pandemic have persisted and recoveries have been “hobbled” by Delta variant outbreaks, the [...] » More

Science turns nasty in Covid-19 origins argument on Twitter

16-Oct-2021 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 5:02 AM

Stuart Neil’s day job keeps him pretty occupied. He’s a virologist at King’s College London, investigating how the coronavirus causing Covid-19 attacks the [...] » More

Why some nations using the same vaccines have deadlier COVID-19 outbreaks

14-Oct-2021 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 5:53 AM

It’s one of the great puzzles of the pandemic. Most developed economies are now highly vaccinated with some of the most effective shots on offer so why are the latest [...] » More

Corporate business travel ‘carbon budgets’ loom for airlines

12-Oct-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

As major companies look at drastic ways to cut carbon emissions from corporate travel, airlines are bracing for a major hit to business-class travel, a key revenue driver, [...] » More

WHO says air pollution kills 7 mn a year, toughens guidelines

25-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 10:45 AM

The World Health Organization strengthened its air quality guidelines on Wednesday, saying air pollution was now one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, [...] » More

Pfiser says its Covid jab safe for children aged 5-11

22-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 7:07 AM

Pfiser and BioNTech on Monday said trial results showed their coronavirus vaccine is safe and produces a robust immune response in children aged five to 11, adding that they [...] » More

Covid has ‘devastating’ impact on fight against HIV, TB, malaria: Global Fund

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic had a “devastating” impact on the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in 2020, according to a report released by the Global Fund on [...] » More

Number of people with dementia set to jump 40% to 78 million by 2030 -WHO

03-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:18 AM

More than 55 million people worldwide are living with dementia, a neurological disorder that robs them of their memory and costs the world $1.3 trillion a year, the World [...] » More

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named ‘Mu’

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named ‘Mu’

01-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 3:35 PM

The World Health Organization has said it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as “Mu”, which was first identified in Colombia in January. Mu, known [...] » More

Preparing for the next pandemic requires ‘new way of thinking about international cooperation’: Tharman

27-Aug-2021 Intellasia | CNA | 5:02 AM

Global health security is “dangerously underfunded” and the World Health Organization (WHO) needs more support to deal with the next pandemic, which could come at [...] » More

Experts on WHO team say search for COVID origins has stalled

26-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AP | 9:15 AM

The international scientists dispatched to China by the World Health Organization to find out where the coronavirus came from said Wednesday the search has stalled and warned [...] » More

WHO experts say urgent search for Covid origins ‘stalled’

26-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 9:14 AM

The search for the origins of the Covid pandemic that has killed millions and crippled economies is at a standstill even as time is running out, scientists charged with the [...] » More

Caught in the Crossfire Over COVID’s Origins

26-Aug-2021 Intellasia | TheNewYorkTimes | 5:02 AM

In the early days of the pandemic, scientists reported a reassuring trait in the new coronavirus: It appeared to be very stable. The virus was not mutating very rapidly, [...] » More

Apec ministers launch food security roadmap

21-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AntaraNews | 7:03 AM

Agriculture and food ministers from Apec’s 21 member economies have reaffirmed their commitment to an open, transparent, productive, sustainable, and resilient Apec [...] » More

The world may never reach herd immunity against Covid-19

16-Aug-2021 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 7:03 AM

As Covid-19 surged last year, governments worldwide touted the hope of “herd immunity,” a promised land where the virus stopped spreading exponentially because [...] » More