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MP says Malaysia cancer registry nearly decade out of date

25-Nov-2016 Intellasia | The Malay Mail Online | 6:00 AM

The national cancer registry has not been updated since 2007, DAP’s Klang MP Charles Santiago said today. Urging Putrajaya to explain the nearly a decade of neglect, [...]
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How Singapore became a role model in the fight against Zika

25-Nov-2016 Intellasia | | 6:00 AM

When Singapore became the first country in Southeast Asia to report local transmission of the Zika virus this past August, it’s fair to say the region, and the world at [...]
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Asia outbreaks prompt question: Is all Zika dangerous?

24-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Zika’s rampage last year in Brazil caused an explosion of infections and inflicted a crippling neurological defect on thousands of babies – an effect never seen [...]
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S. Korea reports 2 additional highly pathogenic bird flu cases

24-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Yonhap | 6:00 AM

South Korea said it has confirmed the outbreak of highly pathogenic bird flu cases at two poultry farms on Tuesday, increasing the number of confirmed H5N6 avian influenza [...]
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Burma health authorities struggle to prepare for Zika outbreak

22-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Myanmar is largely unprepared for an outbreak of Zika, experts say, with the health ministry slashing anti-virus measures due to lack of funds, overworked doctors skipping [...]
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Vietnam’s HCM City has 57 Zika patients

22-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:00 AM

Vietnam’s HCM City has just spotted five additional Zika cases, raising the total in the city to 57, the municipal Preventive Medicine centre said Sunday. To date, 15 [...]
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HCM City confirms 8 new Zika cases in 4 days

21-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Vnexpress | 6:00 AM

The number of confirmed Zika infections in the city has risen quickly to 46, bringing the country’s total to 56. The number of confirmed Zika infections in HCM City has [...]
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Cambodia records first Zika infection case in years

21-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Nikkei | 6:00 AM

The Cambodian government announced Friday that it has detected the country’s first case of Zika virus infection in recent years. The health ministry, in a statement, [...]
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Korea confirms highly pathogenic bird flu outbreaks, ramps up quarantine

19-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

South Korea has confirmed the country’s first outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu virus and has ramped up quarantine measures in response, agriculture [...]
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Burma refugee doctor wins humanitarian prize for clinic in Thailand

18-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

When Cynthia Maung saw the suffering of fellow refugees who had fled Myanmar’s crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising in the late 1980s and sought sanctuary in [...]
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Abuse of antibiotics in Malaysia on the rise, says health ministry

18-Nov-2016 Intellasia | New Straits Times | 6:00 AM

The high prevalence of patients seeking antibiotic medication could lead to a risk of ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’ (AMR) or resistance for antibiotics. Health [...]
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Thailand finds 33 new cases of Zika, says health ministry

18-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Foxnews | 6:00 AM

A city worker fumigates area to control the spread of mosquitoes at a temple in Bangkok (Copyright Reuters 2016) Thai health officials on Wednesday said 33 new Zika virus [...]
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Number of Japanese people sleeping less than six hours a night reaches record high

17-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Independent | 6:00 AM

Men say sleep deficit caused by excessive working hours, and women by housework, according to new survey Around 40 per cent of people in Japan sleep for less than six hours a [...]
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Thailand finds 33 new cases of Zika, says health ministry

Thailand finds 33 new cases of Zika, says health ministry

17-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Thai health officials on Wednesday said 33 new Zika virus cases have been detected in the country as officials step up screening for groups at high risk from the disease such [...]
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Antibiotic abuse killing thousands in Thailand

14-Nov-2016 Intellasia | Straitstimes | 6:00 AM

In a softly-lit suite of Bangkok’s Praram 9 Hospital, Songchai (not his real name) slowly scrawls out his thoughts on paper. Five months in coma have left him with [...]
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