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US approaching Delta wave peak but virus expected to become endemic

16-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

The latest coronavirus wave in the United States driven by the Delta variant could soon peak, but experts warn against complacency and expect the virus will be part of [...] » More

Dr Anthony Fauci Spells Out How Far Away US Is From Ending COVID-19 Pandemic

11-Sep-2021 Intellasia | HuffPost | 5:02 AM

The US is “still in pandemic mode” with new COVID-19 infections some 16 times higher than what’s needed to end the public health crisis, according to Dr [...] » More

Number of people with dementia set to jump 40% to 78 million by 2030 -WHO

03-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:18 AM

More than 55 million people worldwide are living with dementia, a neurological disorder that robs them of their memory and costs the world $1.3 trillion a year, the World [...] » More

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named ‘Mu’

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named ‘Mu’

01-Sep-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 3:35 PM

The World Health Organization has said it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as “Mu”, which was first identified in Colombia in January. Mu, known [...] » More

Covid symptoms last a year for many patients: study

28-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

Fatigue and shortness of breath still afflict many patients a year after their hospitalisation for Covid-19, according to a new Chinese study calling for a better [...] » More

Number of people with high blood pressure has doubled globally, large study finds

26-Aug-2021 Intellasia | CNN | 5:02 AM

A giant global study finds the number of people over 30 with high blood pressure has doubled over the past 30 years, and more than half of them are not being treated for it. [...] » More

US authorises Covid boosters for those with weakened immune systems

14-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

The United States on Thursday authorised an extra dose of Covid vaccine for people with weakened immune systems, as the country struggles to thwart the Delta variant. [...] » More

WHO calls on governments to cooperate to accelerate studies into origins of COVID-19

14-Aug-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

The World Health Organization has called for all governments to cooperate to accelerate studies into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and “to depoliticise the [...] » More

Children Made Up 15pct Of US COVID-19 Cases Last Week: Report

12-Aug-2021 Intellasia | HuffPost | 5:02 AM

Children accounted for 15 percent of reported COVID-19 cases in the week leading up to August 5, as the country witnesses a surge in hospitalisations and deaths associated [...] » More

Moderna may be superior to Pfiser against Delta; breakthrough odds rise with time

12-Aug-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. Moderna’s [...] » More

Deadly Marburg virus discovered for first time in west Africa

10-Aug-2021 Intellasia | TheGuardian | 11:26 AM

Ebola-like disease kills man in Guinea as WHO says it is working with local health authorities on swift response to stop spread Health authorities in Guinea have confirmed [...] » More

Novavax seeks OK for COVID vaccine in needy countries first

07-Aug-2021 Intellasia | AP | 5:02 AM

Vaccine maker Novavax announced Thursday it has asked regulators in India, Indonesia and the Philippines to allow emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine offering its shot to [...] » More

Hard-won gains at risk as Delta variant spreads-WHO

31-Jul-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 12:28 PM

The world is at risk of losing hard-won gains in fighting COVID-19 as the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads, but WHO-approved vaccines remain effective, the World [...] » More

‘The war has changed,’ CDC says, calling for new response to Delta variant

31-Jul-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 11:55 AM

The war against COVID-19 has changed because of the highly contagious Delta variant, the US Centers for Disease Control said, proposing a clearer message, mandatory vaccines [...] » More

Israel approves Covid jabs for at risk children aged 5-11

30-Jul-2021 Intellasia | AFP | 5:02 AM

Children in Israel aged five to 11 at risk of serious health complications can be vaccinated against Covid-19 as of August 1, Israeli health officials said Wednesday. The [...] » More