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Sacombank gives scholarships to 3,051 students

07-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VNS | 6:00 AM

Sacombank has granted 3,051 scholarships worth a total of VND3.9 billion (US$167,589) to high school and university students at the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year. [...]
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Reference exchange rate stays flat

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

The State Bank of Vietnam set the daily reference exchange rate at 22,688 VND/USD on September 5, remaining unchanged compared to the previous day. With the current trading [...]
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Numerous bad debts put on auctions

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Nguoi Lao Dong | 6:00 AM

Asset Management Company of Vietnam (VAMC) has announced assets auction for all bad debts of Dong Thien Phu Group Joint Stock Company at Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and [...]
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Buyers shun weak Vietnamese banks

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Vietnamnet | 6:00 AM

Is restricted licensing to 100 percent foreign-owned banks the right way to save weak Vietnamese banks?Opinions from well-informed circles all say the government will not [...]
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BIDV issues bonds worth over $24 million

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VNS | 6:00 AM

The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has recently issued 7-year and 12 year-bonds worth a total of VND580 billion (US$24.68 million) to increase capital. [...]
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Credit growth in the last 4 months still hampered by inflation concern

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Nhip Cau Dau Tu | 6:00 AM

The deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), Dao Minh Tu, at the August regular government press conference, said that it should be cautious with inflation control [...]
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Fintech primed to boost financial services sector in Vietnam

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VIR | 6:00 AM

Vietnam is making strong policy moves to bolster the development of fintech, welcoming a surge of fintech platforms and providers to service its 64 million (and growing) [...]
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VCCI’s 3 solutions to resolve businesses’ credit crunch

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VN Express | 6:00 AM

A recent survey found that 217 out of 504 questioned businesses in various sectors could not get bank loans for lack of collateral. The survey was done last May for the [...]
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The contrasting colours of small banks’ bad debts

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Dau tu Chung khoan | 6:00 AM

In the overall bright picture of the whole sector, the bad debts of small banks see opposite colours. The positive colours The total bad debts at Nam A Commercial Joint Stock [...]
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What restrains potential price increase of banking stocks?

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | BizLIVE | 6:00 AM

Credit growth will slow down compared to the beginning of the year and may be lower than that of the same period of last year, and this may restrain the potential rise in [...]
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Not all businesses disadvantaged from the exchange rate rise

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Dau tu Chung khoan | 6:00 AM

The increase of US dollar/dong exchange rate in the recent time has caused many businesses to continue record exchange rate losses on their latest financial statements. [...]
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The sale of 10pct of Vietcombank’s shares hard to complete in 2018

06-Sep-2018 Intellasia | Vietnam Finance | 6:00 AM

Viet Dragon Securities Company (VDSC) said that the possibility for Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank, code: VCB) to complete the issuance [...]
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Shinhan Bank accompanies Coach Park Hang-seo and Vietnam football fans at ASIAD 18

05-Sep-2018 Intellasia | The Saigon Times | 6:00 AM

As Coach Park Hang-seo is Shinhan Bank’s brand ambassador in Vietnam, we are proud to be the companion of the talented coach of the Vietnam football squad and fans in [...]
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Doan Anh Sang dismissed as BIDV deputy general director

05-Sep-2018 Intellasia | The Saigon Times | 6:00 AM

Doan Anh Sang resigned from the post of deputy general director at Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) on August 31, the bank announced in a statement to [...]
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Reference exchange rate goes up on week’s beginning

05-Sep-2018 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

The State Bank of Vietnam adjusted the daily reference exchange rate up 10 VND to 22,688 VND/USD on September 4, the first day of the week. With the current trading band of/- [...]
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