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Central city to boost cashless transactions

21-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VNS | 6:02 AM

The city of Da Nang, the region’s major economic driver, is making headway in raising awareness on the benefits of cashless transactions as well as in building [...]
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IMF pledges further support for Vietnam

21-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VNA | 6:02 AM

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will continue to cooperate with and assist Vietnam in policy consultancy and capacity improvement, the IMF’s newly-accredited [...]
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1.1quad dong of cash in circulation

21-Aug-2019 Intellasia | BizLIVE | 6:02 AM

As BizLIVE mentioned earlier, the National Banknote Printing Plant reported a mid-term loss on the recently announced financial statements. In the updated information, the [...]
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Banks actively make provision for bad debts

21-Aug-2019 Intellasia | BizLIVE | 6:02 AM

Bad debt is rising again The financial report for the first six months announced by banks showed good business results when many banks continued to record profit growth over [...]
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Techcombank to issue over 3.5 million ESOP shares with no transfer restriction

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Tri Thuc Tre | 6:02 AM

The Board of directors of Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank, TCB) has issued a Resolution on the implementation of the plan to increase [...]
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The exchange rate band should be widened

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Dien dan Doanh nghiep | 6:02 AM

In the context of fluctuating world markets, many experts said that the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) should consider increasing the flexibility for exchange rate by widening [...]
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Vietnam working to strengthen virtual money management

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Saigon Times | 6:02 AM

The government is working on a policy to tighten the management of virtual currency and assets, heard a workshop in Hanoi on August 16. There have existed many types of [...]
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Banks spend money to buy treasury stocks

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Vietnam Finance | 6:02 AM

While many banks are dealing with capital adequacy ratios, some other banks have abundant self-capital, the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) is quite high, ready to spend money [...]
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LienVietPostBank’s asset quality shows signs of decline

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Dien dan Doanh nghiep | 6:02 AM

According to VNDIRECT Analysis Division, although the profit of Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank (LienVietPostBank) increased impressively, asset quality showed [...]
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Banks need to build on 1H results

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VN Economic Times | 6:02 AM

Local banks posted notable results in the first half but a good second half is not a given. State-owned banking giant Vietcombank has announced its business performance for [...]
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Banks invest heavily in card technology for fee hike

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Dau tu Chung khoan | 6:02 AM

Payment cards and insurance premiums are the two biggest non-interest income sources of banks. At Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB), in Q2/2019, revenue from services [...]
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Money market loosening, despite wait for rate call

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VNS | 6:02 AM

The money market is seeing the first signs of loosening though the State Bank of Vietnam has yet to make a decision on reducing benchmark interest rates. Late last month, the [...]
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Overview on mobile banking services

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Nhip song Kinh te | 6:02 AM

Currently, optimising service technologisation is a trend of all sectors and industries, including banking sector. Mobile Banking is a product chosen by many people for its [...]
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Reference exchange rate up 2 VND on August 19

20-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VNA | 6:02 AM

The daily reference exchange rate was set at 23,122 VND per USD on August 19, up 2 VND from the last working day of previous week (August 16). With the current trading band [...]
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Top lenders latch onto fintech future

17-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VIR | 6:02 AM

Banks and investment funds are racing to partner up with fintech businesses in their quest towards digitalisation. Within the first half of 2019, the market has witnessed a [...]
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