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VPBank completes all three pillars of Basel II

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Tri Thuc Tre | 6:02 AM

Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VPBank) has announced the completion of Basel II’s last pillarInternal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) of [...]
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Bad debts may increase amid coronavirus outbreak

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Vietnamnet | 6:02 AM

Bankers anticipate that the coronavirus outbreak will affect the business of many of their clients. Commercial banks are checking their clients to find those who are likely [...]
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Many banks offer free services

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | NDO | 6:02 AM

More and more banks have started offering free services to attract customers. The Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) announced a free-of-charge programme for online [...]
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Money oversupply increases core inflation

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Vietnamnet | 6:02 AM

Keeping the inflation rate at 4 percent in 2020 will be a challenging task, not only because of the pork price escalation, but also money excess. The general Statistical [...]
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E-wallets worry about new big rival, Mobile money

18-Feb-2020 Intellasia | NDH | 6:02 AM

After the draft of the Decree on cashless payment replacing Decree 101/2012 was consulted, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced not to include the 49 percent limit of [...]
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State Treasury mobilises over $115 million through bond sales

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | VNS | 7:11 AM

The State Treasury has raised VND2.7 trillion (US$115.79 million) through a recent G-bond auction on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). A total of VND4 trillion worth of G-bonds [...]
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Real estate firms dominate bond issuance in January

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | VNS | 7:10 AM

Real estate firms were the major corporate bond issuers in the market in January, according to updates from SSI Securities Corporation. SSI’s statistics showed that [...]
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Deposit rates start to fall

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Dau tu Chung khoan | 6:02 AM

After launching promotional programmes to mobilise deposits after the Lunar New Year holiday, deposit rates have continued the downturn due to abundant banking liquidity. [...]
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Reference exchange rate up 9 VND on February 14

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | VNA | 6:02 AM

The State Bank of Vietnam set the daily reference exchange rate at 23,215 VND per USD on February 14, up 9 VND from the previous day. With the current trading band of +/-3 [...]
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Contactless cards take the throne

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Tri Thuc Tre | 6:02 AM

The forms of payment for goods and services had been of great interest recently when many recommendations suggested that cash could be a risk of transmitting coronavirus [...]
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Covid-19 outbreak urges cashless payment development

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Nguoi lao dong | 6:02 AM

The new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) caused acute respiratory infection spread through normal contact, so cash could become a source of infection if someone was infected [...]
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It seems too soon for a rate fall in Vietnam

15-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Bao Dau tu | 6:02 AM

Some securities companies said that the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) might consider easing monetary policy. However, experts warned that lowering interest rates and pumping [...]
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The disease affects cash flow to repay the bank

14-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Bao Dau tu | 6:02 AM

Bank leaders forecasted that the number of customers affected by the Coronavirus would not be small, affecting the bank’s cash flow to pay debts. Thousands of billion [...]
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Reference exchange rate down 2 VND on February 13

14-Feb-2020 Intellasia | VNA | 6:02 AM

The State Bank of Vietnam set the daily reference exchange rate at 23,206 VND/USD on February 13, down 2 VND from the previous day. With the current trading band of/-3 [...]
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Validus Vietnam and Nafoods Group partner up to finance agriculture

14-Feb-2020 Intellasia | VIR | 6:02 AM

Validus Vietnam, the local entity of Singapore’s largest SME financing platform, Validus Capital (Validus), has announced entering into a collaboration with Nafoods [...]
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