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Revised law to improve local investment climate

12-Feb-2014 Intellasia | VOV | 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MoPI) has announced the completion of the draft of the amended Investment Law to further improve the quality and efficiency of the [...]
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Decree guiding advertising law in Vietnam comes into force

10-Feb-2014 Intellasia | Lexology | 6:00 AM

On 21 June 2012 the National Assembly passed the Law on Advertising which, among other things, contains very strict provisions on the advertising of special goods that may [...]
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Vietnam’s VAT Law for the Financial Sector

31-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Vietnam-briefing | 6:00 AM

In this article, we examine the VAT implications for a number of goods and services listed under the Financial category in Vietnam’s VAT law. It is important to take [...]
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Tax exemption on import and export of raw material gold

25-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VOV | 6:00 AM

The prime minister has recently signed a decision on tax exemption on raw material gold import and export of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV). According to the Decision, from [...]
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Crude farm produce, seafood free from VAT

24-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Saigon Times Daily | 6:00 AM

nprocessed or semi-processed products of the local farming, husbandry and fishery industries will not be subject to value added tax (VAT), according to a new document issued [...]
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Decree sets conditions for cash payments

23-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VNS | 6:00 AM

The government has issued Decree No.222/2013/ND-CP (31 December 2013) regulating payments in cash and the State management of payments in cash in some specific types of [...]
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Decree regulates industrial parks

23-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VIR | 6:00 AM

On November 12, 2013 the Vietnamese government enacted Decree 164/2013/ND-CP regulating the development of industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones. Vu [...]
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Gradual plastic import tax hike approved

21-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Saigon Times Daily | 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Finance has approved a step-by-step tax hike on polypropylen (PP) imports to prop up struggling enterprises as suggested by the Vietnam Plastic Association [...]
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Decree 95 stiffens fines for labour rights violations

16-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VNS | 6:00 AM

On 22 August 2013, the government issued Decree No 95/2013/ND-CP, referred to hereafter as Decree 95, that sets out administrative sanctions for violations relating to labour [...]
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No cash-transactions in many sectors

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep | 6:00 AM

The prime minister has recently issued a Decree No 222/2013/ND-CP stipulating the cash-transaction and state management on cash-payments in some payment transactions in [...]
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Foreign strategic investors to be officially allowed to enlarge holding in local banks

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Dat Viet | 6:00 AM

As per the Decree No 01 issued by the Vietnamese government on January 3, 2014, effective from February 20, 2014, foreign strategic investors are allowed to enlarge their [...]
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Decree regulates non-cash transactions

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VGP | 6:00 AM

The government has recently issued a decree, which will be effective on March 1, 2014, on non-cash transactions, specifying cases which are not allowed to pay in cash. [...]
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No government back up for foreign loans

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

The Vietnamese government will not be responsible for foreign loans that it has not guaranteed, according to a new prime ministerial decree. The decree will come into effect [...]
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New export tax on natural resources to be applied from February 1, 2014

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep | 6:00 AM

The deputy minister of Finance, Vu Thi Mai, has lately signed a decision to issue a Dispatch No 18228/BTC-CST asking Department of Taxation in provinces and central cities to [...]
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Vietnam – Asean Car Imports Enjoy Tax Break

08-Jan-2014 Intellasia | Bernama | 6:00 AM

Vietnamese consumers will pay 50 to 60 per cent less tax on cars imported from Asean countries beginning January 1, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported. The tax cut comes [...]
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