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Reference exchange rate up 5 dong

18-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

The reference VND/USD exchange rate issued by the State Bank of Vietnam on October 17 was 22,016 VND per USD, up 5 VND from October 14. With the current +/- 3 percent VND/USD [...]
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Economic growth combined with environmental protection

18-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VOV | 6:00 AM

Vietnam has defined economic growth and environmental protection as a primary target in selecting investment projects. Environmental protection should be included throughout [...]
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ADB, Vietnam Sign Partnership Strategy

18-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Breakbulk | 6:00 AM

The Asian Development Bank and authorities in Vietnam have launched a partnership to support green urban infrastructure and sustainable development in the country. The [...]
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Q3 prospects keep stocks on upswing

17-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNA | 1:31 PM

Vietnamese shares advanced slightly on October 14 after a volatile trading week, driven by investor expectations of positive third-quarter earnings reports. The benchmark VN [...]
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VN30-Index loses ground

17-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Vn Economic Times | 1:30 PM

Other indexes up as VN30 closes down on October 14. The VN30-Index was the only main index to fall on October 14 as others finished in positive territory. On HSX the VN Index [...]
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Business Briefs October 17

17-Oct-2016 Intellasia | | 1:30 PM

* A new Vietnamese stock index, called VNX Allshare Index, is slated for official launch on October 24, combining the two existing VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange and the [...]
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Economist says second reform needed

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | The Saigon Times | 6:00 AM

A second economic reform is now imperative in response to the possible influence from the neighbouring country and international integration as a whole, said an economist. [...]
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FTA with EAEU still exposes businesses to challenges

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | The Saigon Times | 6:00 AM

The free trade agreement between Vietnam and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) grouping Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgysstan has removed export tariffs but [...]
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EAEU trade pact set to boost VN exports

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNS | 6:00 AM

Vietnamese businesses have been advised to study the Vietnam – Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) free trade agreement so that they can capitalise on opportunities to boost [...]
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EU businesses seek cooperation opportunities in Vietnam

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

A delegation of 40 EU businesses will visit Vietnam from November 2-4 to seek investment and business opportunities in agriculture and farm produce trading in the country. [...]
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Plan for implementation of WTO trade facilitation agreement approved

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNA | 6:00 AM

The prime minister has approved the Plan for Preparation and Implementation of the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TF). According to the plan, [...]
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Environment first, FDI later

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VNN | 6:00 AM

A survey on foreign invested enterprises’ (FIE) observance of the laws on environment conducted by Hanoi Economics University in 2015 showed that 60 percent of FIEs had [...]
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Vietnam needs $25b to solve debt issues: government official

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Tuoi Tre News | 6:00 AM

Resolving the bad debt that is suffocating Vietnamese banks needs actions, not words, along with a $25 billion budget, a top official from the government’s National [...]
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Budget situation gets severe and public debts grow fast after five years of restructuring

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Vietnam News Agency | 6:00 AM

The economic reform opened a historical turning point for Vietnam. However, this road has moved into a different phase and requires strong transformation of the entire [...]
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Vice President of NFSC: the bad debt settlement needs $25b

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | VnExpress | 6:00 AM

Vice Chair of the National Financial Supervisory Commission (NFSC) Truong Van Phuoc, at the Conference on the economic restructuring challenges held by the Vietnam Institute [...]
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