CCP’s efforts to spread ‘Xi Thought’ in schools

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The general Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on Tuesday issued the opinion on strengthening the construction of new era schools of Marxism to strengthen the construction of schools of Marxism through “Xi Thought”.

The opinion noted that it is an important initiative to deepen the research and construction of Marxist theories. It is an intrinsic requirement for cultivating the ‘new man of our time, that is those who will assume the great responsibility of national rejuvenation’, based on reports.

It stated that the construction of schools of Marxism shall be listed as important content in the assessment of the party-building work and quality of schools for the work units with these schools. It shall also be an important reference in the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the leadership team, principal responsible persons, and leaders in charge of specific areas and departments, at these work units.

This is to promote the construction of strong and outstanding schools of Marxism. The opinion points out that Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of the Party and State.

Schools of Marxism are the main bases for the study, research and propagation of Marxism.

Ideological and political theory courses are the main channels for schools of Marxism to persist in forging the spirit and educating people by using ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, based on reports.

As “we know that promotions of officials in the CPC structure are tied to ratings of many indicators such as economic growth, investment, public order, quality of air and water etc, now success level in spreading Marxism by using Xi Jinping thought has also now become an indicator”.


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