China insists on ’1992 Consensus’ as anchor for peace in Taiwan Strait

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Beijing on Wednesday (February 24) insisted that the “1992 Consensus” is an important foundation for cross-strait peace after being accused by Taiwan’s new Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) head Chiu Tai-san of distorting facts regarding the contentious political concept.

Speaking at the handover ceremony on Tuesday, Chiu remarked that the majority of Taiwanese could not accept Beijing’s interpretation of the “1992 Consensus,” which maintains that both Taiwan and China are part of one China, though what that means was left intentionally vague. He said that the Chinese version had left Taiwan “little room for maneuver” and that the two sides must seek other ways to build up mutual trust.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang responded Wednesday by dismissing Chiu’s criticism as a political tactic to confuse the so-called consensus with the “one country, two systems” formula. He said that the former is the basis for official cross-strait exchanges while the latter is Beijing’s solution to resolving the Taiwan problem.

Ma emphasised that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) must accept the “1992 Consensus” in order for peace to be maintained in the Taiwan Strait. He added that both Taiwan and China should pursue the “unification of the country.”

When asked about Chiu’s appointment, Ma said Beijing has no comment. He said the policies offered by the Taiwanese government in the coming months will be more important than the reshuffling of its officials, reported CNA.

Chiu, a former DPP lawmaker and ex-minister of justice, was selected to replace Chen Ming-tong as the MAC chief last week. Taiwanese scholars see his appointment as a friendly gesture toward Beijing, as he is expected to be more dovish in his approach to cross-strait issues.


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