China Min Sheng Bank signed 4Paradigm “prophet platform” to jointly build a basic AI platform

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BEIJING, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, China Min Sheng Bank,as one of the leading banking financial institutions in China, choosing 4Paradigm to build an AI machine learning platform for it to provide support system for the construction of a fully intelligent bank.

The "finance+AI" two-wheel driving model has been approved by major mainstream financial institutions, and the industry is entering a new period of deep integration of finance + AI. Min Sheng Bank keeping expectorating and practicing in the field of AI and always been forward-looking, involving natural language processing, computer vision, data analysis and mining and other fields. The AI internal service platform is one of the important projects of the Min Sheng Bank's scientific and technological planning. It will empower the bank to carry out digital and intelligent business completely, and profoundly change the traditional financial service level.

As the world's leading provider AI technology and services provider, 4Paradigm has taken the lead in applying the AI full-process platform "Fourth Paradigm-Prophet", helping dozens of leading banks to achieve intelligent upgrades quickly with complete financial scenarios covers accurately identifying the needs and risks of customers before, during and after loans, and provides including accurate customer acquisition, personalized recommendations, application for score cards, application for transaction anti-fraud, transaction anti-fraud, overdue/churn warning, liquidity management, smart Integrated solutions for collection, disposal of non-performing assets, etc.

Taking the "transaction anti-fraud solution" as an example, the online effect of 4Paradigm system has been improved several times compared with traditional bank risk control methods, and the existing "transaction anti-fraud after the event" of the bank has been upgraded to "remind in the event". Greatly reduce the losses of bank. In addition, 4Paradigm firstly to implement the "financial product recommendation" system with AI personalized marketing touches. Compared with traditional methods, the response rate has increased by 200%-1100%, and the amount has increased by 50%-500%.

The cooperation with Min Sheng Bank this time further proved the service capabilities and technical standards of 4Paradigm, which was once again affirmed by the bank customers. In the future, 4Paradigm will continue to be committed to breaking the barriers of the AI industry with productization, and creating greater value for global corporate customers and users with the best service.


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