China Oceanic Development Foundation: Captain Yin Long and his tales of life at sea

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BEIJING, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Before going to university, Yin Long, born in an inland province in northern China, had never seen the sea.

With the curiosity and vision for the sea, he applied for the major about ship maneuvering of Jimei Nautical Institute (now the Navigation Institute of Jimei University). This university is located in the beautiful coastal city Xiamen in southeastern China, and was founded by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Mr. Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah-Kee).

After graduation, Yin came to work on the ship as he wished. And starting as an intern, he became a captain for the first time in 2010.

In April 2017, Yin joined the crew and officially became the captain of the Research Vessel Tan Kah Kee (R/V TKK).

R/V TKK is an advanced general-purpose research vessel of Xiamen University (XMU). It is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments dedicated to ocean exploration, research and education. Described as "clean, quiet, multidisciplinary and green", this 77-meter vessel was named after Mr. Tan Kah Kee, also the founding dean of XMU.

R/V TKK has carried out 30 scientific cruises to different parts of the ocean since it was officially put into service in 2017. the research vessel often goes to immature waters because of their exploration operations. Discrepancy between the actual condition and charts appear. "It was only after I became the captain of a research vessel that I knew so many of the marks on the charts were wrong," Yin admits.

Among the innumerable experiences on R/V TKK, Captain Yin's most memorable is the Open Ship Days to the Malaysian public in 2019.

"It's the first time that our research vessel opens to the foreigners," Yin said.

It is also the first and only time a Chinese scientific research vessel opens to the Malaysian public. That Open Ship Days were at Boustead Cruise Center, Port Klang, Malaysia on 17 and 18 August 2019, as a part of the "Haisi Xuetang talent training program".

The students were studying and experiencing on the ship
The students were studying and experiencing on the ship

"Haisi Xuetang talent training program" was held twice separately in the summer of 2018 and 2019. "Haisi" means Maritime Silk Road, part of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative to foster collaboration across the historic Silk Road.

During the "Haisi Xuetang talent training program", R/V TKK first set sail from Xiamen to Sanya, then voyaged from Sanya to Klang, before embarking on the journey from Klang back to Xiamen. This program selects outstanding students from XMU and prestigious universities in Malaysia and the United States, helping them carry out the research work, aiming to train them into marine professionals with solid practical skills and a global vision.

After the Open Ship Days, R/V TKK set sail and headed for Xiamen with 32 students from Malaysia, China, and the United States on board.

As captain, Yin's priority is to keep the safety of everyone during the voyage. Food is always the primary health concern. He kept in mind everyone's food preferences, according to their habits, religions, and physical conditions. He recalled a student allergic to rice and all kinds of meat. They finally came up with a solution to provide him unique fried fish.

"The most memorable of Haisi Xuetang," said Yin, "is that my room was full of students every day. We drink tea together, talking from the ocean to their dreams." Yin was so glad that Gu Yifan, a student from Xiamen University Malaysia branch, has co-authored an academic paper based on the scientific research during Haisi Xuetang, on Environmental Science and Technology Letters, a top journal of this field.

"R/V TKK is not only a vessel but also a bridge between Malaysia and China," said Captain Yin, "Many students keep in touch after the journey. They have continued talking about marine science research, environmental protection, and human future in our social media group."

Captain Yin, sailor of the world, guardian of the vessel, feels so proud to be part of that bridge.


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