China sends sobering ‘Happy Lunar New Year’ to Taiwan

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China has sent a sobering Lunar New Year message to Taiwan, with a video showing military jets flying over the self-ruling island.

The images were used by Beijing in the filmtitled My Fighting Eagles Fly Around Formosa a name for Taiwan.

It was published on social media by China’s air force, accompanied by a message saying it was to celebrate Tuesday’s Lunar New Year, reports the South China Morning Post.

Taiwan split with the mainland in 1949, but China claims it as part of its territory and has threatened to invade if necessary to reunite Taiwan with the mainland.

The propaganda film was released on Weibo China’s equivalent of Twitter and shows the official badge of the air force against images of Taiwan’s skyscrapers.

Accompanying footage of H-6 bombers and J-20 stealth fighters, the film sends a message about reunification and brotherhood.

The lyrics of the song played in the film call for “Brothers and sisters” from Taiwan to “return [and] reunite”.

In a speech last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing had no intention of dropping its threat to use military force to bring the island under its control.

China’s military has also ramped up military exercises in the air and naval drills in the seas off Taiwan.

But the residents of the self-governing island, with its vibrant and well-established democracy, have resisted China’s demands despite rising political, economic and military threats from Beijing.

And Taiwan responded on Monday to the provocative film by releasing a 90-second video titled Freedom Is Not Free on Facebook.

It included images of the island’s military including ground based missile launchers and air and naval forces.


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