China to increase fiscal spending, cut taxes in 2017: ministry

31-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM Print This Post

China will appropriately increase fiscal spending in 2017 and continue with policies to reduce taxes and fees, the finance ministry said on Thursday after a meeting to set next year’s agenda.

“Make fiscal policy more proactive and effective, continue policies to reduce taxes and fees, appropriately expand fiscal spending, support the economy to operate within a reasonable range,” finance minister Xiao Jie said.

Xiao also said China would strengthen local government debt management and continue with tax reform.;_ylt=AsJh_EJMeLWwSHgv_LPdAPL4uYdG;_ylu=X3oDMTExZHY1b2FrBG1pdAMEcG9zAzMyBHNlYwNNZWRpYVRvcFN0b3J5VGVtcA-;_ylg=X3oDMTBhYWM1a2sxBGxhbmcDZW4tVVM-;_ylv=3


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