China’s aggression increasing likelihood of cross-strait conflict: Taiwan foreign minister

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Taiwanese minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu on Monday (September 28) emphasized that China’s diplomatic suppression and military threats to Taiwan have increased the possibility of military conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

The foreign minister spoke during a Foreign and National Defense Committee meeting at the Legislative Yuan, saying that Chinese naval vessels have been recently detected near Taiwan’s borders, with fighter jets frequently entering Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) and even crossing the median line on occasion. Between September 16-24, there were a total of seven intrusions by the Chinese air force, Wu stated.

During the meeting, Kuomintang legislator Li Kuei-min asked Wu a series of questions: whether he thinks the Taiwan Strait is safe, whether military conflict is now possible between the two sides, and whether the United States has committed to help defend Taiwan in the event of war, CNA reported.

Wu said that with regard to the possibility of a cross-strait military conflict, he believes Taiwanese can “see and feel” that tensions are continuously rising. As for whether the US will come to the nation’s defense, he noted that the Taiwan Relations Act only states the US will assist Taiwan in its defense capabilities.

Li then asked if it would be necessary for Taiwan to fight a proxy war for the US if a conflict broke out between that country and China. Wu responded that he does not agree that a conflict between Taiwan and China would be a proxy war because Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country.

“Taiwan has its own foreign policy, its own military strategy, and its own strategic direction and interests,” Wu stated. He said that if the nation is ever threatened and a war erupts, the government must be responsible for defending its national security, adding that this has nothing to do with other countries.

Li questioned whether it’s possible a conflict in the strait could be caused by Taiwan’s constant hostility. Wu pointed out that he does not agree with such a statement, saying China has adopted harmful measures, such as diplomatic suppression and military threats, to use against Taiwan.

The foreign minister added that Taiwan can only respond to these actions, such as when Chinese military planes cross the median line. Taiwan has always reacted passively, Wu remarked, claiming that there is neither anti-China sentiment nor any enmity towards Beijing in the country.


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