Chinese man filmed dragging dog behind his motorbike

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A man has been caught on camera dragging a dog behind his motorcycle while riding along a road in southern China, a news website reported.

The man was finally stopped by a couple riding another bike who paid him to take the animal off his hands, Xuehua News reported.

The incident happened in Shantou in Guangdong province last Sunday, according to the article.

The scene was captured by another motorist who posted the video on social media.

The footage shows the dog being dragged along by a cord attached to the back of the bike.

A couple then ride alongside the man, gesturing and calling for him to stop.

The couple then paid an unspecified amount to buy the dog and the woman is shown petting the animal.

No details were given of why the man was dragging the animal along the street, but some internet users speculated the cruelty may have been deliberate to try to get people to pay him to stop.

Similar incidents have been reported previously in China.

Last year a man was stopped by police in Jiuquan in Gansu province for dragging a dog behind his motorbike, according to a report by, citing sources on social media.

The man claimed he had been taking his dog to buy food and let it run behind on a leash.

He was quoted as saying he did not realise the dog had became exhausted and was dragged behind the bike.

A man in Huangshi in Hubei province was also caught dragging a dog behind his truck last year, according to media reports.

The incident prompted a “human flesh search” where internet users in China try to track down people accused online of wrongdoing.

Police found the man who said he did not want the dog and was taking it to give it to a friend and had not realised the animal had stopped running behind the truck.


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