Chinese Man Kills His Two Young Kids To Start A ‘New Family’ With His Girlfriend

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In a shocking incident, a man in China killed his two young children so that he could start a ‘new family.’ The accused allegedly killed them by throwing them out of his high rise building in Chongqing municipality area.

The incident took place in November last year and the accused, Zhang Bo was detained after a month since then.

He has been charged with murder and he will appear in front of the court this month.

Man Kills Children Because GF Wanted Him to Get Rid Of Them

The motive behind the alleged murders of his two kids one-year-old son and two-year-old daughter was his girlfriend’s reluctance to marry him with the two around.

Zhang’s girlfriend, Ye Chengchen, reportedly didn’t want him to have kids of his own blood.

Zhang’s ex-wife confirmed the same and further claimed that she had pressurised the man by cutting her own wrists in a suicide attempt.

Ye was also charged with murder and was arrested.

How he murdered his children

The two young kids were thrown from the window of the 14th floor of a residential building. The kids landed on a lawn and died.

Zhang was not initially suspected and it was considered as an accident. He had claimed that he was asleep when it all happened and woke up after he heard people shouting downstairs.

But he later admitted before the police that both he and his girlfriend has plotted the murder. The also revealed the motive: they wanted to have their own family without any kids from his former marriage, as per the indictment.

Zhang started a romantic relationship with Ye, in 2019, when he was still married. However, last year he divorced his wife and reached an agreement that Chen would raise their daughter, while he would raise their son until he was 6 years.

The little girl was also invited to her father’s place to play with her brother the day before they died. On that day, when Zhang’s mum left home, the accused held both his kids and threw them out of the window.

Sadly, there have been similar horrific incidents reported in the past as well.

Unfortunate Instances Where Parents Killed Their Own Children

Chinese Mum kills daughter and hides her body in her Chinese restaurant

Mingming Chen was accused of killing her daughter and hiding the body in her Chinese restaurant. In 2017, she was sentenced to 22 years behind the bars.

Disabled child killed by parents

In a shocking incident that took place a few years back, two Chinese young girls with cerebral palsy were killed by their family members.

It shocked the entire nation, drawing condemnation for the lack of support offered to those caring for children with disabilities.

US Woman kills her 2 kids with meat cleaver

A woman allegedly killed her two kids with a meat cleaver following an argument with her husband in the US in May this year.

The woman had an argument with her husband and had threatened to stab him over an argument about money to go to Japan. But, there were no signs of the mum turning violent and hurting her own kids.

Thai man kills baby on live video, later commits suicide

A Thai man killed his own baby on live video and he later committed suicide. He had filmed killing his 11-month old baby and shared it on his social media page. later He committed suicide by hanging himself.

Mum kills 4 kids before committing suicide

A 33-year-old woman fatally shot her four children, Joel Johnson, 12, Jazzlyn Johnson, 13, Jaxs Johnson, 15, and Pebbles Johnson, 17, before taking her own life.

Then she sent a text message to a male coworker that read: “Tell my mum what happened, I want to be cremated with my kids.

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Mental Health Singapore Helpline Numbers

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