Communication Ministry urges operators to ensure users’ data safety

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The Communication and Informatics Ministry has urged Electronic System Operators (PSEs) to pay more attention to the security of systems and user data following recent reports of alleged personal data leaks.

“We ask all PSEs to pay attention to system security and data security by improving three aspects,” Communications and Informatics Ministry Spokesperson Dedy Permadi said here on Monday.

The three aspects are the governance, human resources, and security technology of personal data protection, he informed.

“The aspects are important to ensure the security of the personal data,” the spokesperson added.

Furthermore, he reminded PSEs that operators proven to be careless, negligent, or involved in personal data leaks will invite sanctions, according to government Regulation Number 71/2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions.

There will be five kinds of administrative sanctions comprising written warnings, administrative fines, temporary service termination, termination of access, and removal from the PSE list, he informed.

“The sanctions have been applied to several PSEs who were previously proven to be careless,” Permadi said.

Furthermore, the alleged data leaks are also related to poor literacy on protecting personal data, he noted.

Hence, he urged the public to also support the protection of their personal data by increasing their own literacy and awareness of the aspect.

“For instance, please do not easily give your own personal data to irrelevant parties,” he said.

Citing an example, he said the most frequent instance of carelessness is when people download apps on the internet.

Usually, to speed up the download, people immediately click the ‘agree’ button on the terms and conditions agreement provided without reading it, he added.

“In fact, there are concerns and agreements on which data are allowed to be accessed by the app. We have the right not to share data,” he emphasized.


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