Comscore, SimilarWeb now measurement partners for Malaysian Digital Association to quantify digital advertising value

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The Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) has announced the re-appointment of Comscore as their measurement partner for audience currency.

It has also appointed SimilarWeb as their measurement partner for market insight.

Comscore is a leader in the measurement of digital cross platform data while SimilarWeb provides detailed insights on consumers’ digital footprints to grow a company’s digital market share.

In a media release, MDA said it hoped to help the industry gain a deeper understanding of its audience and market to uncover new opportunities between vendors.

Its president Serm Teck Choon said:

“The MDA realises that it is the right time to not only expand the endorsement beyond audience currency but also to include market insight.”

MDA’s endorsement of audience analytics began ten years ago as part of its Audit and Research Council.

Seeing a gap in the market where powerful data was not being utilised, MDA took the leap into the data century.

MDA Audit and Research Council co-chair Yee Wing-Tak said it was important to have data that as insightful and addressable in the complex world of digital marketing.

“Every decision has to be measurable and accountable for us to move our digital ambition forward.

“We are at a stage where we are increasingly hungry for more data measurement sources and for this, we are pleased to have on-board, our measurement partners Comscore and SimilarWeb.”

Comscore senior vice president, Asia Pacific Kedar Gavane said the company was thrilled to be reappointed as the digital audience currency for the Malaysian market.

SimilarWeb Certified Partner general manager SEA Carroll Kee said they were honoured and excited to work alongside the MDA in the endeavour.


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