Condo unit used to process VX nerve agent which killed N Korean Kim Chol

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The condominium unit of a man named Ri Jong-chol was believed to have been turned into a clandestine laboratory to produce VX nerve agent, a chemical weapon which killed North Korean Kim Chol at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) in February, the High Court heard.

Assistant Superintendent Wan Azirul Nisam Che Wan Aziz said police raided the place after suspecting the unit was being used to produce the nerve agent.

He was testifying in the trial of Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, 28, who are charged with murdering Kim Chol, along with four others still at large, at klia2 on February 13.

He said during the raid police seized, among others, a bottle of cloride, gloves, a toothbrush and cash worth USD38,000 (RM160,626).

Azirul said the items, except for the money, were sent to the Department of Chemistry for analysis.

He added that other items which were seized in the house were four handphones, four simcards, two tablets, two laptops and a desktop. These were sent to the forensics department in Cheras for analysis.

When asked by Siti Aisyah’s counsel Gooi Soon Seng on whether investigations were carried out on the existence of VX agent in the house, Azirul said he did investigate.

“I investigated whether there was existence of VX by sending the items seized from the house to the Department of Chemistry for analysis,” he said.

He also told the court that North Korean Jong-chol, who was a registered owner of a Naza Ria car used to transport three North Korean suspects still at large from klia2 to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) after the incident, entered Malaysia using a work Visa.

“According to Jong-chol’s statement, he was a trader when he was arrested,” Azirul said.

However, when asked by Gooi whether Jong-chol was the main suspect in the case, Azirul disagreed.

Gooi: How long was he (Ri Jong-chol) detained?

Azirul: About two weeks

Gooi: When was he arrested?

Azirul: On February 17, 2017

Gooi: Where was he arrested?

Azirul: At Dynasty Garden condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

Gooi: I suggest that Ri Jong-chol is a science graduate majoring in chemistry?

Azirul: Yes, I agree. He is also an IT expert.

Gooi: Ri Jong-chol is one of the suspects (in this case) because the car was registered under his name?

Azirul: I agree.

When asked by Gooi why police did not seize any of Jong-chol’s clothes or nail clippings to detect the existence of VX agent, Azirul said it was not necessary at that time.

The court also heard that Jong-chol was deported on March 3 after having his statement recorded by Azirul.

To a question by Gooi whether it will be difficult to subpeona a person who had been deported as a witness, Azirul said they could be called back.

However, Azirul said he did not receive any orders from his superior to subpeona Jong-chol.

Trial before judge Datuk Azmi Ariffin continues on Monday.


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