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“The Kuomintang Party doesn’t dare to criticise China, they only make a fuss about Taiwan’s domestic issues.”

The Kuomintang (KMT) party presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu has criticised current cross-strait relations, declaring that they are “like a runaway train. Tsai’s cross-strait policy is simply ‘hatred of China, self-harm to Taiwan.’” In response, Tsai called the KMT’s outlook towards international relations outdated and said that the times have changed.

China has adopted an extreme attitude towards the region, and Taiwan must be cautious, warns President Tsai, adding that the KMT needs to have a proper understanding of the situation. If the KMT is unwilling to criticise China, then it can only feed conflict within Taiwan. “This position does not contribute to social unity in Taiwan, and [the KMT] is not promoting Taiwan’s sovereignty or the dignity of the Taiwanese people.”

“As president, standing up for the nation’s sovereignty is not an act of provocation.”

On the National Day celebrations on October 10, Tsai gave an address with theme of “a strong nation, advancing globally”. In the address, she rejected the notion of “one country, two systems” and declared that this was the shared consensus across Taiwan’s blue and green political camps. Tsai observed that “Hong Kong is on the verge of chaos because of the failure of ‘one county, two systems.’”

For China, “one country, two systems” is used as a threat to Taiwan, and the people of Taiwan soundly reject the idea, regardless of their party or political position, according to the president. She said that if Taiwan accepts the framework, the Republic of China will have no room for survival. China’s economic rise and militaristic expansionism, combined with a rise in nationalism, represents a serious threat to freedom and democracy in the world.

Therefore, “Taiwan, which is at the strategic frontier in the Indo-Pacific, has become the first line of defense in the battle to protect democratic values,” said Tsai.

Han Kuo-yu

Quote from Han Kuo-yu:

“Currently, there is neither unity nor independence in cross-strait relations.”

On October 10, the mayor of Kaohsiung, Han Kuo-yu, gave an address on his cross-strait policy, which included four proposals.

The first is to “defend the sovereignty of the country and remain committed to the one-China principle.” The second is to “restore mutual trust across the strait and re-establish mechanisms for cross-strait dialogue.”

The third of Han’s proposals is to “establish a domestic mechanism to reach an internal consensus on cross-strait ties.” The fourth is to “export the experience of Taiwan’s democratisation to China. Only through the democratisation of China can peaceful development on both sides of the strait be ensured.”

Han declared that his goal is to increase a sense of patriotism among citizens and raise the profile of the Republic of China among the public. Han declared that the current administration has failed the test and suggested that if the KMT is unable to return to power, it will be the death of the country.

Annette Lu

Quote from Annette Lu:

“The rights of the people cannot be taken away.”

On October 11, the presidential candidate representing the Formosa Alliance, Annette Lu, said President Tsai can be said to have been raised in the “blue camp.” Lu, who was the former vice president under the Chen Shui-bian administration, said that Tsai grew up working with the KMT and still has a close relationship with them. Calling Tsai the “darling of the elite,” Lu suggests that over the past two years, Tsai has exhausted the legitimacy and respectability of the Democratic Progressive Party.


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