COVID-19: Here are the requirements for those seeking to travel to, within Indonesia

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The government’s COVID-19 task force has updated its requirements for transportation during the transitional phase to the so-called “new normal”, requiring domestic travellers to carry a medical document certifying they are free of COVID-19 valid for 14 days.

The regulation, stipulated in Circular No. 9/2020, was issued by task force chief Doni Monardo on Friday, updating the previous Circular No. 7/2020 on the same subject issued on June 6, a day after the capital enacted the transitional phase.

“Every individual travelling by land, sea or air transportation must present a negative PCR [polymerase chain reaction] or rapid test result certificate that is valid for 14 days from departure,” the updated regulation says.

This is different from the previous regulation, which required a PCR test certificate valid for seven days or a rapid test certificate valid for only three days.

Apart from the validity period of the health document, other measures remain the same in the updated version.

Here is the list of other requirements for domestic travel:

Bring personal identification cards and a medical certificate stating you are free from influenza-like illnesses, issued by a doctor from a hospital or a community health centre (commuters within an agglomerated area are excluded from this requirement)

Carry out health protocols (physical distancing, wearing a mask, bringing hand sanitiser)

Download and activate the Peduli Lindungi application on Appstore or Playstore

Meanwhile, international travellers wishing to enter Indonesia are required to:

Conduct a PCR test at the time of arrival, unless they already carry a test certificate from the country of departure.

The above provision does not apply at cross-border posts (PLBN), which do not have PCR equipment, but international travellers arriving in the posts are required to undergo a rapid test and carry an influenza-like illness-free certificate.

While waiting for their PCR test results, international travellers must undergo quarantine in a location specified by the government, or undergo self-quarantine at a hotel or other place certified by the health ministry.

International travellers are also required to download and activate the Peduli Lindungi application on Appstore or Playstore.

Travellers testing positive for the coronavirus must immediately isolate themselves.

The government is working closely with regional administrations, health authorities, public transportation managements and security personnel to monitor travelling activities.


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