CUBRID Corp. to Enter Global Enterprise Market With ‘K-Open Source DBMS’

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- Transforming from key player in the Korean open source DBMS market to K-open source DBMS leader, will accelerate global market entry

- Currently developing ‘Limitless Elastic Scalability’ function with a focus on database scalability in response to the cloud service era

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ANSISQL--CUBRID, Korea’s leading open source DBMS company, will start its efforts for the global market entry with its ‘K-Open Source DBMS.’

CUBRID developed ‘CUBRID,’ an open source-based DBMS product. As a company specializing in this field, CUBRID has been leading Korea’s DBMS market over the last decade. By supplying its products to the National Information Resources Service (NIRS) and Defense Integrated Data Center (DIDC), etc, CUBRID records the largest share in Korea’s public cloud DBMS market in terms of the number of DB instances installed in customer websites.

‘CUBRID’ provides the large-size data processing capacity and performance as well as stability, availability, and management convenience, which are required in the enterprise market. Complying with the ANSI SQL, it also provides the MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) function, HA (high availability) function, compatibility with Oracle and MySQL, and various GUI-based tools for DB management and migration.

In response to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with an explosive data increase, ‘CUBRID’ is developed suitable for the online transaction processing (OLTP) service. Based on the Apache license, the source code can be freely modified and distributed.

Since the source code opening in 2008, ‘CUBRID’ has been downloaded more than 330,000 times in Korea and abroad. In addition, approximately 1,300 DB instances are being operated in over 900 systems.

Having solidified its position in the Korean market, CUBRID established CUBRID Foundation, an open source software foundation, in the U.S. to accelerate the global open source project activation. This is the first case for the software package development company in Korea.

Operated with a goal of establishing a global developer ecosystem, CUBRID Foundation is leading the CUBRID open source project activation, such as through the product roadmap development, product release management, and contributor expansion. It is already producing visible outcomes, one of which is the participation in ‘CUBRID’ project by Arnia Software, a Romanian software development company, as a contributor.

Promoting the third-party solution spread through strategic affiliation with independent software vendors (ISVs), CUBRID is expanding its market to the global stage by enhancing cooperation with not only domestic companies, such as Chequer, a data management solution specialist, WhaTap Labs and Opennaru, the companies specializing in monitoring, and Tomato System, a company providing DB modeling tools, but also overseas companies including Amplix, a BI (business intelligence) solution specialist in the U.S.

“Based on the performance, experiences and customer trust secured in the Korean market, CUBRID is dedicating various efforts to expanding the developer and user base in the global market,” said CUBRID CEO Byung Joo Chung. “Currently, we are developing the Limitless Elastic Scalability function with a focus on database scalability in order to respond to the cloud service era.”

CUBRID led the open source DBMS market expansion by participating in the ‘open source software company growth support program’ of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea to support open source software development and opening of close source software by excellent software development companies.


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