DAEX Releases its Innovative Blockchain White Paper, a New Clearing Ecosystem for Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CentralizedCryptocurrencyExchanges–DAEX recently released a White Paper on a new distributed ledger and
clearing ecosystem. Based on the White Paper, it aims to provide an
infrastructure for traditional centralized trading platforms while
keeping their core transactional functions. Meanwhile, it avoids the
downsides of the purely decentralized Exchanges to ensure a more secure,
transparent and credible environment with the high liquidity of digital

Most centralized trading platforms are highly exposed to hack attacks
and operation risks because they have a full spectrum of business,
covering asset auditing, transaction matchmaking, data storage, asset
custody, clearing and settlement. In contrast, most decentralized
trading platforms can use distributed ledger technology and smart
contracts to avoid data storage and asset custody, so as to achieve high
security and transparency. However, the latter is therefore less
efficient and of lower liquidity compared to the former.

DAEX, however, combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized
Cryptocurrency Exchanges by separating clearing and settlement process
from the centralized trading platforms and employing DAEX’s solution to
offer liquidation and settlement as third-party services. The DAEX
ecosystem consists of three parts: the centralized trading platforms,
the wallet users, and the DAEX Foundation. The Foundation acts as a
bridge, which connects the other two parts, providing DAEX’s unique
clearing chain and wallet solutions.

With the DAEX solution, a user can send a transaction request via DAEX
Wallet to the trading platforms, which is embedded in the DAEX
ecosystem. Once a transaction is matched, it will be sent to the
clearing chain immediately and completed by the smart clearing
contracts. This solution helps reduce risks for the trading platforms
and ensure that the user’s digital assets stay in their own wallet

With its headquarters in Switzerland, DAEX project is developed and
operated by the DAEX Foundation. It has established partnerships with
several international renowned institutions, such as Qtum Foundation,
International Digital Economic League (IDEL), Sora Venture Capital and
Jenga Blockchain Capital. For more information, please download the
latest whitepaper from the DAEX website at https://daex.io.

Also find DAEX at:
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