Data Scientist and Big Data Engineer most demanded positions in Vietnam in 5 years

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In 2020, Vietnam’s economy will largely be driven by digital transformation and disruptive technologies, and the recruitment market will face lack of digital talents.

With a shortage of high-quality human resources, information technology, especially Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and fintech, is forecasted to be among the top 10 industries with the highest recruitment needs in Vietnam in 2020, according to the 2020 Vietnam Salary Guide report conducted by Adecco Vietnam.

The tech sector also continued its rapid growth as businesses across industries continued accelerating their digital transformation and adopting new technologies, especially within the Business Intelligence (BI) and AI space.

Those positions require specific skills and technology, together with the growth of digitisation of information resources all over the world. Data Scientist and Big Data Engineer are expected to be at the top of the list of most in-demand positions in the next five years with their rapidly growing rate. Besides, the demand for software developers will also remain high and stable, due to the continuous development of outsourcing service.

“Hence, understanding new recruitment trends is the key to stay ahead of the employer’s competition,” Andree Mangels, general director of Adecco Vietnam & Malaysia, said. “Retention will be a major challenge that companies continue to face, particularly for junior to mid-level professionals who are Millennials.”

The average turnover rate in Vietnam in 2019 is 24 percent and reason to leave the current jobs included: Lack of professional development (51.3%); have better job offers (32.4%); have poor relationship with line managers (10.8%); and others (5.5%).

The seventh edition of the report, focusing on Vietnam’s two major cities Hanoi and HCM City, provides a detailed picture of current market offerings based on job responsibilities and working experiences among different sectors.

The recruitment landscape in Vietnam in 2019 remained strong as the country receives international investments and looks forward to reaching new heights. Benefited from a young labour workforce, rapid economic growth and political stability, Vietnam is an attractive and competitive investment destination.

This has contributed to an increase in FDI inflows into the country, especially as more companies relocate their factories to Vietnam amidst the US-China trade tensions. New factory set-up required a lot more production and quality management professionals to ramp up their production capacity.

The report also provides 2019-2020 salary statistics for human resources, law, banking and finance, information technology, sales and marketing (in FMCG, health and industrial), financial services and professional services in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s market in 2019-2020 has a demand of recruitment in the textile and garment, electronics and wood manufacturing industries. For instance, the factory manager position can receive a monthly salary of VND350 million (US$15,073) for those with more than 10 years of experience. The position of HR manager for factories also increased significantly along with production personnel with a salary of up to VND140 million (US$6,029) per month.

The report recommended what companies can do to attract talents: transparent career roadmap & development plan; attractive salary & benefits package; flexible working hours; open culture & work environment; and support from management team.


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