Data validation ensure social assistance receivers right on target

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The Social Affairs Ministry continues to verify and validate the data on family receivers of social assistance to ensure it is right on target.

The receivers of non-cash food assistance (BPNT), or staple foods, have been targeted to reach as many as 18.8 million, while the receivers of family hope programmes (PKH) are projected to reach 10 million.

“The BPNT has set a target of 18.8 million receivers while for PKH, the target is at 10 million receivers. Those numbers are expected to reach 60 percent of six decile (poverty area level) in pursuit of effectiveness and being right on target,” the ministry’s Poverty Management director general, Asep Sasa Purnama, noted here on Tuesday.

Data verification and validation will help ensure that the programme is right on target as well as accelerate the government’s efforts to boost economic independence.

“The data comes under the domain of the Data and Information Centre, and the director general of poverty management is the user of the verified and validated data,” he confirmed.

The Data and Information Centre’s authority covers improving the criteria and standard of the benefited receivers in order to be more accurately on target.

Inter-ministries and institutions have worked hand-in-hand to expedite the realisation of economic independence of social assistance receivers.

“To expedite economic independence, ministries and institutions have worked together, including, synergising with the state-owned enterprises and business world,” he pointed out.


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