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Beijing sees U.S. drone as part of South China Sea spying efforts

Beijing sees U.S. drone as part of South China Sea spying efforts

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 2:25 PM

An underwater drone taken by a Chinese naval vessel in the South China Sea last week is part of U.S. surveillance efforts in the disputed waterway, but Beijing won’t [...] » More

VN-Index hits 675 points

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Vneconomictimes | 2:20 PM

Strong increases on all indexes from impressive liquidity on December 16. With strong support from the food and beverage sector the VN-Index increased 9.24 points (1.39 per [...] » More

Local stocks up for a third day

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | VNA | 2:19 PM

Vietnam’s stock market advanced for a third day on the two local exchanges on December 16, driven by domestic purchases of local shares on the day foreign funds finished [...] » More

Business Briefs Dec 19

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | | 2:19 PM

* HCMC Power Corporation (EVN HCMC) will require all customers in the city to pay electricity bills via banks by 2019. At present, 55% of 2.2 million households in the city [...] » More

US says China will return underwater drone; Trump slams Beijing

US says China will return underwater drone; Trump slams Beijing

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | CNN | 9:41 AM

China has agreed to return the US underwater drone that it seized in international waters earlier this week, the Pentagon said Saturday. “We have registered our [...] » More

Indonesia air force aircraft crash kills 13 including 10 military personnel

Indonesia air force aircraft crash kills 13 including 10 military personnel

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | IBT | 9:21 AM

All 13 people who were on board in the Hercules C130 plane have been killed after the Indonesian air force aircraft crashed into a mountain, confirmed the rescue agency on [...] » More

Exclusive: Xi Jinping Behind Unexpected Political Changes in HK, Insider Says

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Theepochtimes | 6:00 AM

Xi Jinping, the leader of the Chinese regime, is directly involved in swaying the political fates of the top Hong Kong leader and the top Chinese official in the [...] » More

HK Airlines Celebrates Flight to Seoul

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Finchannel | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong Airlines made its inaugural daily flight service to Seoul, Korea on 16 December. To commemorate the official launch of this new route, Hong Kong Airlines held [...] » More

HK to hold individuals to account with new financial rules

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong’s financial firms must register managers responsible for the day-to-day running of regulated activities in an effort to make individuals more accountable, its [...] » More

Fire at HK International Airport lounge raises No 2 alarm

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | SCMP | 6:00 AM

A VIP lounge inside the restricted area of Hong Kong International Airport caught fire on Friday night, but nobody was hurt. At 9.50pm, the fabric surrounding construction [...] » More

Taiwan fears becoming Donald Trump’s bargaining chip

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Economist | 6:00 AM

BY THE end of this month, say Chinese officials, work will be completed on a big upgrade of facilities at a monument to one of the scariest moments in the recent history of [...] » More

Conflict between China and Taiwan is complex

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | Commercialappeal | 6:00 AM

The telephone conversation on December 2 between President-elect Donald Trump and President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan was relatively brief but continues to reverberate [...] » More

President Obama Says Donald Trump Should Deal Cautiously With Taiwan, China

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | WSJ | 6:00 AM

President Barack Obama said President-elect Donald Trump’s protocol-breaking phone call with Taiwan’s leader could elicit a significant response from China, given [...] » More

The Guardian view on Taiwan: Trump should handle with care

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | The guardian | 6:00 AM

No one exactly expected the Chinese to seize a United States underwater drone in the South China Sea on Friday. But Beijing has so far proved rather more predictable than the [...] » More

Obama cautions Trump over provoking China on Taiwan issue

19-Dec-2016 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

US President Barack Obama warned his successor Donald Trump on Friday against provoking a “very significant” response from China by reaching out to Taiwan. Trump [...] » More