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Taiwan’s economy stays strong in 1st quarter

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Marketwatch | 7:41 AM

Taiwan’s economic growth eased slightly in the first quarter but remained robust, thanks to the strong overseas demand for technological components. The island’s [...]
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Taiwan economy expands 3.04 pct in Q1

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Xinhua | 7:41 AM

Driven by strong exports and private consumption, Taiwan’s economy expanded 3.04 percent in the first quarter on a year-on-year basis, according to an estimate from the [...]
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Taiwan court unexpectedly sentences food tycoon to 15 years

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | | 7:38 AM

A lower court had found Wei Ying-chun not guilty The Taiwan High Court in Taichung on Friday overturned a lower court not-guilty verdict and sentences Ting Hsin International [...]
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Foreign Labourers and Taiwan’s Evolving Democracy

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | The Diplomat | 7:38 AM

Taiwan needs to do more to protect the rights of Southeast Asian migrant workers. Today, the island nation of Taiwan is under considerable international pressure. Taiwan has [...]
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Almost half of Taiwanese satisfied with president’s defense and China policies

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Taiwan News | 7:37 AM

Half of public supports her overall performance Almost half of Taiwanese support President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) performance on defense issues and relations with [...]
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Taiwan tells firms to seek approval for trading with ZTE: Nikkei

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:36 AM

The Taiwanese government has ordered all of the island’s companies that sell to Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp to suspend shipments until they obtain [...]
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UN chief encourages Korean leaders to act swiftly on agreements at ‘historic’ summit

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | | 7:36 AM

Following Friday’s summit between the leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres [...]
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Otto Warmbier’s Parents Sue N Korea Claiming He Was ‘Brutally Tortured and Murdered’

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | | 7:30 AM

The parents of Otto Warmbier  the 22-year-old University of Virginia student who died on June 19, 2017, after being released from North Korean captivity  sued the country [...]
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People are campaigning for Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize for the Korea talks

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Business Insider | 7:29 AM

As North Korea and South Korea pledged to end hostilities and work toward denuclearisation, some people have suggested US President Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace [...]
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Here’s Who Isn’t Winning From Denuclearisation Talks and Friendlier N Korea-Korea Relations

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Fortune | 7:26 AM

While stock markets in Asia are breathing a sigh of relief after North and South Korea’s leaders shared a friendly handshake and vowed to work toward wiping away [...]
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Investors should pay more attention to Iran than Korea

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Marketwatch | 7:25 AM

To say the apparent breakthrough in relations between North Korea and South Korea could prove to be of major historical significance is an understatement, but the Middle East [...]
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In Korea, Summit With N Korea Is Greeted With Hope And Skepticism

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | NPR | 7:24 AM

In a day filled with compelling images and stirring rhetoric, Friday’s political theater and media spectacle in South Korea had something for just about everyone. North [...]
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Korea ETF rises in premarket after report of easing tensions with N Korea

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | | 7:24 AM

The largest exchange-traded fund to track South Korea’s equity market rose in premarket trading on Friday, after the leaders of South and North Korea signed a [...]
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With hug and handshakes, N Korea’s smiling Kim lightens summit mood

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | | 7:24 AM

The golden doors on the stately North Korean building swung open and leader Kim Jong Un, in a black Mao suit and surrounded by a gaggle of officials, descended steps towards [...]
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Israel says ‘denuclearised’ Korean peninsula helpful versus Iran

30-Apr-2018 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:23 AM

Friday’s historic pledge by the leaders of the two Koreas to work to denuclearise the Korean peninsula should give US President Donald Trump a stronger hand to [...]
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