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Asian stocks climb despite first trade war shots

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | AFP News | 6:02 AM

Asian stocks rebounded on Friday despite the introduction of US tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods in what Beijing called the “largest trade war” in economic [...]
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HK man jailed after attempting to burn his landlord to death in subdivided flat fire

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

A man living in a subdivided flat, who attempted to burn his “contemptuous” landlord to death after he thought he would be evicted, was sentenced to four years [...]
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HK’s Top Court Grants Expat Lesbian Right To Spousal Visa

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Huffing Tonpost | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong’s top court ruled on Wednesday that a British lesbian should be granted a spousal visa in a landmark judgment that could open the door for expatriate same-sex [...]
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Xiaomi faces a reality check in its long-awaited IPO

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | CNBC | 6:02 AM

* Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi awaits market judgment in its IPO. * The company’s Hong Kong offering was priced at 17 Hong Kong dollars, which was on the low end of [...]
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HK schools get International Baccalaureate exam results, 38 pupils bagging full marks

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

Local school leavers have beaten last year’s initial count of top scorers in the International Baccalaureate exams, 38 of them getting full marks for the May papers. [...]
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A single parking space in HK has sold for S$1 million

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Straits Times | 6:02 AM

Spare a thought for Hong Kong’s beleaguered car owners. The market for parking spaces is hotter than ever as a single spot in a luxury development in Kowloon’s Ho [...]
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Credit Suisse fined $77 million over ‘relationship hires’ in HK

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Marketwatch | 6:02 AM

Credit Suisse CS, +0.87 percent was fined $47 million by the Department of Justice and another $30 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission for corruptly winning [...]
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Taiwan tourism revenue fell 8pct in 2017

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Business.Inquirer | 6:02 AM

Taiwan saw more tourists, but less money in the hands of the industry’s professionals last year, according to new data from Tourism Bureau showing that inbound tourism [...]
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HTC makes first step towards closure with workforce downsize in Taiwan

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

HTC is set to lay off 1500 workers from its Taiwan manufacturing unit by September. The company has seen a consistent drop in sales figures over the past year or so, and [...]
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Taiwan’s MAC minister to discuss cross-strait policy in US: MAC

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Taiwan News | 6:02 AM

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) announced Thursday that minister Chen Ming-tong will visit the United States later this month but declined to disclose his itinerary. [...]
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Taiwan debates what to do with redundant nuclear fuel rods

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Atimes | 6:02 AM

US contractor insists that 1,744 fuel rods should be returned but some in Taiwan want to keep them for ‘research purposes’ Taiwan’s state power company has [...]
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Air India now flies to ‘Chinese Taipei,’ not Taiwan

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | CNN | 6:02 AM

China wants global companies to drop references to Taiwan as an independent entity. India’s national airline is the latest to fall in line. Air India now offers flights [...]
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Taiwan businessperson indicted over N Korea oil sales

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Channel Newsasia | 6:02 AM

A Taiwanese businessperson has been indicted over illegal oil sales to North Korea, prosecutors said Thursday, flouting UN sanctions against the nuclear-armed regime. [...]
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Taiwan charges individual involved in N Korean oil transfers

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Nk News | 6:02 AM

Taiwan authorities charge Chen Shih-Hsien over false declarations in oil shipment A Taiwanese man has been charged by local authorities in a case involving illegal oil sales [...]
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A deadline looms in China’s battle with foreign firms over Taiwan

07-Jul-2018 Intellasia | Economist | 6:02 AM

Most carriers will take the easy route and stop calling Taiwan a country WHEN it comes to asserting sovereignty over Taiwan, no fight is too small for Chinese officials. In [...]
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