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Business Briefs 15 March 2019

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | | 9:21 AM

* The management of FPT Retail Company (FRT) has proposed issuing 680,000 employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) shares, or 1% of the current number of outstanding shares. The [...] » More

Malaysia shuts 111 schools as poisonings become ‘more critical’

Malaysia shuts 111 schools as poisonings become ‘more critical’

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:18 AM

Malaysia has shut more schools after a suspected chemical leak last week left more than 200 children, teachers and others being treated for poisoning, its education minister [...] » More

Top HK church official who vowed to clamp down on sexual harassment quits after being accused of sexual harassment

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

A prominent Christian leader said he resigned as general secretary of the influential Hong Kong Christian Council “to avoid any unnecessary disturbance” after [...] » More

Solomon Islands oil spill worse than first thought, say owners of HK-flagged tanker, as three-mile-long slick threatens Unesco World Heritage site

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

The oil spill from a Hong Kong-flagged tanker that is threatening to destroy marine life at a Unesco World Heritage site in the Solomon Islands is worse than first thought, [...] » More

More than HK$2 million in valuables stolen in daylight robbery at HK jewellery store

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

A man stole more than HK$1.4 million in valuables from a Sham Shui Po jewellery shop in a four-minute broad daylight robbery on Thursday, sparking a police hunt. A spokesman [...] » More

Telecom, Ping An Insurance shares rise in HK; China stocks mixed on data showing continuing economic weakness

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong shares were flat while mainland benchmarks were mixed, as China released data showing continuing weakness in the economy, with industrial output slowing to its [...] » More

Outrage over dog euthanised after reaching HK on Thai cargo vessel

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong authorities have sparked outrage for killing a dog which had hitched a ride on a cargo vessel arriving from Thailand. On Wednesday evening, animal rights activists [...] » More

Complaint against school received months before teacher’s death… but case referred back to campus committee, HK education chief admits

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong’s education minister has confirmed that authorities received a complaint against a primary school months before a teacher there fell to her death. On [...] » More

Skyscanner the best website for cheap flights but savvy travellers should shop around, says HK consumer watchdog

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:00 AM

Websites claiming to offer the cheapest tickets for air travel may not actually do so, and savvy travellers should shop around to get the best deal, Hong Kong’s [...] » More

N Korea Advertises Military Hardware on Twitter, YouTube, Defying Sanctions

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | Motherboard | 6:00 AM

Glocom is a front company for North Korea to sell sanctions violating military equipment. But, even after some tech companies clamped down, Glocom kept up its presence on [...] » More

Malaysian students defend Korea claims to ‘Dokdo’ islets

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | UPI | 6:00 AM

Students in Malaysia raised the issue of a group of disputed islets located between South Korea and Japan, during a visit by the South Korean first lady. Kim Jung-sook, who [...] » More

Retail success drives US beef’s growth in Korea

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | Feed Stuffs | 6:00 AM

Korea is now second-largest international destination for US beef in volume and value. US beef exports climbed by more than $1 billion in 2018, reaching a record $8.33 [...] » More

Maintaining US-N. Korea dialogue momentum crucial

Maintaining US-N. Korea dialogue momentum crucial

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | Asia News | 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday it expects tangible progress in North Korea’s complete denuclearisation and the establishment of a permanent peace regime [...] » More

Korean pension fund deals blow to Elliott in Hyundai fight

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Elliott Management received a potentially fatal blow in its proxy fight to shake up South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group on Thursday when major shareholder the National [...] » More

China delays UN bid to blacklist JeM leader as terrorist

15-Mar-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

China on Wednesday put on hold a request by Britain, France and the United States to add the leader of a Pakistan-based Islamist group behind a suicide attack in Kashmir to [...] » More