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GE Life insurance agent cheated more than $190,000 from 32 clients, many illiterate elderly

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Yahoo News Singapore | 6:00 AM

For five years, an insurance agent embezzled the money entrusted to him by clients and used it to settle debts or on personal expenses. Poh Kim Chuan, 53, cheated 32 victims, [...] » More

National Service forces: How does Singapore compare to Korea and Taiwan?

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Asia One | 6:00 AM

All male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents must serve in the Singapore Armed Forces for at least 24 months. While many gain valuable lessons from [...] » More

McDonald’s Philippines Inks Partnership With Talkpush To Deliver a More Seamless Candidate Experience

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Benzinga | 6:00 AM

McDonald’s Philippines is pioneering in the quick service restaurant industry the use of conversational agents in the Philippines to help deliver a better candidate [...] » More

Have you heard about the Philippine mayor who banned gossip?

02-May-2019 Intellasia | The Guardian | 6:00 AM

When the lethargic heat of summer set in, the residents of Binalonan, a small town in the Philippines, used togather under the trees and share stories about their neighbours, [...] » More

Netflix, makers of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, team up for Thai cave rescue production

02-May-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Netflix agreed Tuesday to team up with the makers of “Crazy Rich Asians” for a production based on the gripping real-life rescue of the “Wild Boars” [...] » More

In Thailand, a white elephant fit for a new king

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

A large portrait of Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn dominates one end of the open-air enclosure where an elephant known as Plai Ekachai starts his day at a [...] » More

Billionaire who shook up Thai politics defiant as enemies circle

02-May-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The billionaire leader of the newest and most dynamic force in Thai politics says he is “prepared” for jail as legal cases besiege his youth-focused party just [...] » More

Making of a monarch: King’s image peppers Thailand ahead of coronation

02-May-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

It took $6,400 and a 12-hour drive for the local mayor to pick up the shrine and towering portrait of Thailand’s king which will stand in the centre of towna small part [...] » More

Thai woman who maintained brothel in Singapore for 3 days jailed four months

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Yahoo News Singapore | 6:00 AM

A Thai woman responded to an online advertisement offering a housekeeping job in Singapore and successfully applied for it. Chamnikrai Auraiporn, 39, however, found out that [...] » More

REFILE-Indonesian rail project expects $18 billion from satellite towns

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

The Indonesian-Chinese consortium building a high-speed rail project between the capital Jakarta and the textiles hub of Bandung expects to earn $18 billion from developing [...] » More

Goodbye, Jakarta? Indonesia’s president suggests new capital

Goodbye, Jakarta? Indonesia’s president suggests new capital

02-May-2019 Intellasia | The Guardian | 6:00 AM

Idea of unhitching country’s administrative centre from its megacity has a long history but experts are sceptical Not only is the megacity of Jakarta besieged by a [...] » More

Time is running out for Jakarta, the sinking capital of Indonesia, amid calls for a new capital city

02-May-2019 Intellasia | ABC | 6:00 AM

This week, Indonesia’s president announced that the capital Jakarta was sinking at an alarming rateand that the capital needed to be relocated. Jakarta, where former [...] » More

Indonesia to relocate capital from sinking Jakarta

02-May-2019 Intellasia | The Hill | 6:00 AM

Indonesia has announced plans relocate its capital city away from Jakarta, one of the world’s fastest-sinking cities, according to the BBC. Planning minister Bambang [...] » More

Jokowi’s call for new capital sparks lively response on Facebook

Jokowi’s call for new capital sparks lively response on Facebook

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Straits Times | 6:00 AM

Kalimantan most suitable, many say; not all in favour of relocating President Joko Widodo’s social media post calling for public views on his plan to relocate [...] » More

Indonesia Is Moving Its Capital City as the Current One Sinks Into the Sea

02-May-2019 Intellasia | Earther | 6:00 AM

For as long as Indonesia has existedeven during colonial timesJakarta has been its capital. But the 10 million-strong coastal city that sits on the northern coast of Java [...] » More