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Presidential suite: Taiwan invites visitors to stay in govt office

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

Fancy spending the night in a presidential office? The unique accommodation is up for grabs in Taiwan, where authorities are rolling out the red carpet for visitors after the [...] » More

Taiwan’s Foxconn unit to expand in India, Vietnam amid trade war

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

FIH Mobile Ltd, a Hong Kong-listed subsidiary of Taiwan-based manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., said Monday that to assuage the impact from trade friction [...] » More

Taiwan-HK flights gradually restored to normal

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Focus Taiwan | 6:02 AM

Flights between Taiwan and Hong Kong have gradually returned to normal Tuesday after Hong Kong’s airport reopened and started to get its operations back on track in the [...] » More

After HK protests, is Taiwan the next flashpoint in our region?

After HK protests, is Taiwan the next flashpoint in our region?

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | ABC | 6:02 AM

A younger generation of Taiwanese is confronting an increasingly hard-line attitude from its nearest neighbour. At a rain-soaked music festival in the southern Taiwanese city [...] » More

If China crushes HK, is Taiwan next?

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Thehill | 6:02 AM

At the most recent meeting of the Aspen Strategy Group which includes current and former senators, former senior officials, retired military, leading academics and analysts a [...] » More

N Korea under UN investigation for 35 cyberattacks to fund weapons of mass destruction

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | USAToday | 6:02 AM

UN experts say they are investigating at least 35 instances in 17 countries of North Koreans using cyberattacks to illegally raise money for weapons of mass destruction [...] » More

Japan ‘in the dark’ over Korea trade controls: minister

Japan ‘in the dark’ over Korea trade controls: minister

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

Japan is “in the dark” as to why South Korea has downgraded Tokyo’s trading status, its trade minister said Tuesday, amid an intensifying trade war between [...] » More

Trump considering N Korea envoy as next ambassador to Russia  source

Trump considering N Korea envoy as next ambassador to Russia source

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Stephen Biegun, the diplomat who has been leading efforts to revive stalled US denuclearisation talks with North Korea, is under consideration to be President Donald [...] » More

N Korea defector and her son found dead: Seoul police

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

The bodies of a North Korean defector and her young son have been found in their apartment, Seoul police said Tuesday, with local media reporting they appeared to have died [...] » More

Korea downgrades trade ties with Japan

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | CNN | 6:02 AM

South Korea is removing Japan from a list of trusted trading partners, escalating a dispute with its neighbour that is already disrupting the global supply chain for big tech [...] » More

N Korea’s new weapons, and how they affect Trump’s nuclear deal hopes, explained

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | VOX | 6:02 AM

“This is an intentional reminder that if diplomacy fails, North Korea will only be stronger and more capable today than it was four years ago,” said one expert. [...] » More

N Korea boosts Kim’s rising status as global statesman

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Sentinel | 6:02 AM

There’s no question that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in full control of his nation. But a recent change to how he’s being formally described in the North [...] » More

Seoul sends naval unit to Gulf of Aden

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Korea Times | 6:02 AM

Upon US request, the unit could be redeployed to the Strait of Hormuz The Republic of Korea Navy’s Cheonghae unit, operating the country’s first overseas [...] » More

Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list in sign of growing tension

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | FoxNews | 6:02 AM

South Korea said Monday that it has decided to remove Japan from a list of nations receiving preferential treatment in trade in what was seen as a countermeasure to [...] » More

‘Fundamentals of Korean economy strong’

14-Aug-2019 Intellasia | Korea Times | 6:02 AM

President Moon Jae-in has urged the public to be wary of “fake news” on market uncertainty, stressing that South Korea’s economy remains strong despite [...] » More